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Anyone else use Pro-bolt?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CFVFR, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Have done a couple of searches (pro-bolt and pro bolt) but no joy.
    This site http://www.probolt-australia.com/Products
    seems pretty classy with lots of bling for your thing!

    Tried Australian Motorcycle Components but they dont stock anymore from Pro-bolt.

    Funny thing was, I nearly spent $178.11 on two orders (fairing bolts and engine bolts)
    Good thing I went to their own site (silly me!)

    On 4 items (Fairing,Engine,Fuel bolts and somfink else. I forget!) Guess how much? plus 5 day delivery time.
    Grand total of $163.17.

    Ozzie site too!

    Just a heads up

  2. This is the same site that tried to advertise there business, via posting a thread.
    Are you promoting there business, or is it a genuine question??

  3. Firstly, I dont know. Maybe they did/not?
    Secondly, I am impressed with their web site and layout
    Thirdly, I am posing a question, before fitting their product

    Forthly, Whats the title of the thread?I want any other riders comments on the product before I fit it. Who knows, maybe they are crap?

    And finally Fifthly (sic)...actually I cant think of anything.:-s