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Anyone else sitting up till 1.00am for Moto GP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Urban, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. OK,
    Just got home from a BBQ and am wondering how I'm gonna stay up till 1.00am to watch the GP.

    Anyone got suggestions for keeping the eyelids open?

    The worst thing is, if I had of left a bit earlier I could of watched it on foxtel.

    Yup. i'm an idiot. :WStupid:

  2. Wanna know who won so you can go to bed? I've got foxtel!
  3. Yup, just watched it on Foxtel :D
    Phanoongy left straight after the main race and Lids is on her way out the door as i type, so there's 3 more Netriders that don't have to sit up till 1am :D
  4. I will be watching despite the long day of riding.
  5. Just setting the PC to record it now.

    I have to be at work at 05.30! :(

  6. That's the worst part, I've got foxtel as well, I just didn't make it home in time to watch/tape it.

    I spent all day hitting a little white ball around a big grassy paddock then burnt some meat over a fire and tipped booze down my throat so I am very tired.

    Luckily I mentioned I was coming down with Mondayitis before I left work on Friday so no one expects me to go to work tommorrow. :LOL:
  7. I would never ruin a good walk , I'm vegetarian & did my drinking watching ?????? win the motoGP!!!

  8. I reckon I'd get pretty good odds on Rossi, I'm more interested in the 250's last weeks race had me wake up the whole house cause i kept shouting out "F#$k" everytime someone nearly crashed.

    Best race I've seen in along time.
  9. i might have a coffee settle in watch the race then off to bed
  10. I'll stay up and watch it since i dont have to get up till lunch :D
  11. Yeah as we speak i am making the first coffee to keep me up. I'll definately be watch the GP and 250 classes. Hmmm look like my 8:30 uni lecture is going to be one that i turn up too and sleep the whole lecture. YAY!! i'm off to watch.
  12. 125's are on

    Cheers 8)
  13. Ah so many things can be said about foxtel, but all over and done with by 1130pm, together with a replay tomorrow and one next Sunday....hmm...who says there's no repeats on Foxtel...:LOL:
  14. I've been going at it pretty hard, feeling a bit jet lagged, needed to sleep, so decided to tape and watch it this am. :D
  15. Saw Hopkins, then fell asleep waiting :(
  16. Gave up after 250's on Foxtel, needed sleep badly after chasing a 5yo nephew around all day.
  17. Got in early to watch it this morning at work via my motogp web site subscription, and then some cockhead I work with thought it would be really funny to spoil it for me, even though he new I was watching. I think I'm gonna quit today. :evil:
  18. Big day on the bike , not much sleep from Saturday night . I lay on the lounge ready to watch it , this is after talking to groberts at 12.30 in the morning , what do i see . NOTHING , i fell asleep just before it started .
  19. I was planing it but after the big ride yesterday I was way too buggered and went to sleep around midnight (zzzZZ).

    After hearing about the delays (and the result) I'm glad I didn't bother trying to force the issue.

  20. I know its a bit late, but, perhaps for next time you could drink some coffee. That can be quite good at keeping you awake.
    I've heard No-doze pills are effective too. :)