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anyone else see Vic on TV ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Is Vic at the footy ?

    I'm watching the pre-game broadcast on Ch9, and while they showed footage of the Melbourne Storm training, there was a bald round bloke in the background with a Broncos jersey ! :grin:
    The footage was on him for a while . . . eating a pie and holding a bottle of water !!! :LOL:

    I swear it was Vic !!!

  2. no no, that was me
  3. I'm pretty sure Vic would have moved heaven & earth to get to the game, so there is every chance it was him.

    I dont think he will be in a very good mood at the moment.
  5. yeah, the Broncos played crap !

    Go Manly !
  6. Vic was at a motorcycle race meeting, many miles away from the slaughter, if my information is accurate....
  7. your information is not accurate :wink:
  8. It got me thinking.
    This is a pretty stupid question. No one would have seen Vic at the NRL game !


    1. QLD people would not know what Vic looks like.
    2. Its a Melb/Bris game, No NSW people would have been watching.
    . . . . (melbourne who ?) :rofl:
  9. Was Vic the person who jumped the channel Seven journo?? :eek:
  10. nah, that dude had hair !

    yeah, talk about being total bogans !
    they jump a tv reporter while the camera is filming !
  11. Maybe it was Vic in disguise? I know I would have wanted a disguise if I was at the Storm game :(
  12. ok so spill the beans caz. wadyaknow? and more importantly, where were you yesterday? i thought i was gonna see you at the picking up a bike workshop :cry:

    (please excuse hijack).

    ps for all you brisbanites, here's what vic looks like .... on a good day :wink:

  13. Yes I was there. Bloody Broncos didn't deserve to make the 8.

    The final score line summed up their season really.

    Meh, we have half a dozen premierships already.

    It's time for the sooki la las to win one otherwise they will be forever crying about the premiership they lost.

    And no it wasn't me that streaked just before the end of the game.
    That dude ran the length of the field from the North side, unchallenged all the way to the South side. The broncos should seriously sign him up. And the dood that crash tackled him should be thrown a jersey as well.
  14. I was nursing a hang over :oops:
  15. I can confirm you were 100% correct. :LOL:
  16. Paul, sorry mate but Vic was at the races at Broadford the weekend before the one just gone.