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Anyone else sad to sell their first bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grrrl, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Well the proud new owner of my 250 came to pick it up on the weekend... I gave it one last wash and polish up, and took it out for a short spin through Warrandyte... but it was a SAD day!

    I know once I get on the VFR I will forget all about it... but that 250 was a great bike, and I had an absolute blast on it... it taught me everything I know (so far)...

    Do you all have a soft spot for your first bike?

    Perhaps it's just a sentimental, emotional "chick-thing"??

    What was everyones first bike, and did you learn the most on that?

  2. Yeah, I shed a tear when the Z left.....I spent a lot of time getting the Z registered, lots of little things. And it was modified a bit to my likings.
    It wouldn't have been so bad if the thing didn't sound so good, I could hear the new owner as he left. The bike didn't even cause me grief at all.
    Was a hard time! I would take it back if the guy offered it back too.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. No - it was a CB200 in orange - good to learn on, dropped a few times, burnt the clutch out and glad to get pretty close to what I paid for it as a trade in


    I think the VFR will quickly take over as the best bike you've had :cool:
  4. I'll be sad when I sell my GPX. She's been a pain in the rear end on more than one occasion, but she's still my baby, so to speak.
  5. haha Alex, I'm trying to imagine you wrapping your lanky frame around a CB-200!

    Yeah, very sad, I sold the RD-350 to a mate who I know was probably going to crash it, he was an idiot rider, and, of course, he did, and wrote it off and put himself in hospital for 6 months...

    For his sake and mine, I should have kept it, but the lure of the new bike glowed too bright :cry:
  6. Dog no! I couldn't wait to get rid of it. It was one of these,


    I traded it after only a few totally trouble-free months on an exciting BSA C15 250, which was a constant source of mechanical fun, made nice artistic oil patterns on the garage floor, and once in a while even completed both directions of a ride without a single breakdown.
  7. I still miss the little Benelli 491rr and that was just a 50cc scoot! :grin:
  8. OMG!! That little Suzi is soooo cute!!!

    I guess that's not a bloke wants to hear though, eh...

  9. Hey George, was the famous B100P, otherwise known in the Brit bike magazines as a bloop???
  10. Now you know why I couldn't wait to get rid of it!....cute indeed, and totally emasculating. :cry:
  11. No it wasn't, the 'Bloop' was 118cc. Mine was an 80cc K10. The real irony was that at 80cc, it turned out to be faster than the C15 at 250cc! Still the C15 was a 'proper' bike that a bloke could be seen on.......even if it was a hopeless piece of junk.
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  13. I will shed a tear when it's time to say goodbye to the cibby.

    until I get on the hornet!
  14. I think what I'll miss most about my first bike is just how rideable it is:
    You can give it full stick out of a set of lights and not get yourself into any trouble.

    But I am lookng forward to EFI and a clock :)
  15. I Think you'll learn to love the VFR, but your first bike is special, there are so many things that you've done on that bike that were all "Firsts". You are going to have some great times on that VFR too.

    I missed my VT250C and I've not had a cruiser since. I especially miss the crome and blue it was :)

    Goodluck RN.
  16. I was sad to sell my little GPX a few weeks back.

    But its gone to a good home :)
  17. nope, get over it :LOL: ;)
  18. You had a VT250c too? And now you have a VFR? What impeccable taste you have!! :beer:

    I get an adrenaline rush every time I think about the VFR or look at the pic I have as wallpaper on my puter at work...

    everyone at work is sick of me going on about it... :blah: counting down the number of sleeps until i can ride it.... (21 more sleeps)...

    EEEEEEP!!!!!!! I can't wait! :dance:
  19. Just you wait!

    You ---> :blackeye: <--- Me
  20. Yeah...I know how you feel....

    When I bought my srx I didnt know anything about bikes, didnt really know anyone who rode (had an ex who hired bikes but noone actually with one) and have learnt loads on my 'baby' hehe, I knew what it could do and what it couldnt too (dont get me wrong it wasnt perfect but I loved it :grin: )....

    I would kept it, but decided that I was never gonna choose to ride the srx over the sv650 - and so was better to pass it onto a good home and let someone else learn on such a crackin little learners bike...

    I was sad to see it go...felt wierd when the guy rode off on it...as though it was gonna come back home later and that wouldnt be the last time i'd see it :oops: very sad I know lol