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Anyone else noticed an increase in cager rage?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamKawa, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. I haven't changed my riding style, but in a the past few weeks but I've experienced an increase in readiness for car driver to use there horns. For example if I filter to front of the lights and haven't accelerated away in less than 2 nanoseconds after the lights have gone green I get a honk. I also get honked for pushing to the front of a long line of right hand turners etc. I seem to be averaging a honk every second day. I know I'm not an ideal by the book safety rider so no preaching please. Is this just me or have other riders noticed any increase in cager rage, and I wonder if the anti media line filtering argument has been a contributing factor?

  2. I think its just you...
  3. Maybe your bum is hanging out your leathers and they're beeping in appreciation.
  4. I like to take off from the lights as fast as I can; like a race start.
    Pull a big gap on the cages.
    I was thinking last night, may be if I had a more powerful bike, then I would be pulling wheelies.
  5. Maybe I've just had a bad run.
  6. If you filter in areas that aren't regularly exposed to filtering, some drivers take exception to it. On a major arterial at peak hour, drivers expect you to split. As for honking you at the front of the queue, well, they may be getting a bit impatient. At the end of the day, the whole lane-splitting argument works for us as long as we don't delay traffic at the front of the queue. If we waddle along of the green, then we have essentially pushed in and delayed the last few cars in the queue who will catch the red light because of our tardiness. (Not saying you were waddling :) )

    Generally there will always be a large number of shallow minded drivers out there ready to honk at you, pedestrians, cyclists, fire hydrants or anything else they don't like... maybe you've hit an area rich in them...
  7. I do consider it to be a bit of a responsibility to take off immediately and quickly when the lights go green - for exactly that reason, lane splitting only works if it's a "you won't hold me up, I won't hold you up" pact.
  8. It is a well-known scientific theorum that the shortest measurable interval of time is that between the light turning green and the car behind you honking its horn. As Dan says, maybe you've just hit a particularly rich vein of impatient, bad-mannered drivers.....
  9. Yeah you need to take off as quick as possible. That is the thing with filtering. We generally have better low end acceleration so we are allowed to do it on the condition we don't hold the cagers up etc...

    But generally i think more and more people are getting angry with everyone .. expecially with all the heat.
  10. This last week the traffic has been noticeably more congested. Maybe kids are back at school or more people have come back from summer holidays?
    More congestion leads to impatient drivers taking irrational and stupid actions.
  11. Yeah there's nothing worse than filtering to the front of a long line, then stalling it when the light goes green :?

    I haven't done it for a while, but I have done it.

    I rarely get honked at, maybe its coz of my loud V-Twin bike? I do occasionally get a honk when I first pull in front though, as if to say "hey you can't do that, your pushing in", usually from 4x4s :roll:

    I'm always burning off at the lights and putting distance between me and cages though so they can't really object as its like I was never there.
  12. This has been said many times before, but when you're at the head of the queue, just leave a split second before blasting off the lights. Along with bad manners and intolerance, there's an increasing number of people running red lights. There's no point being first off the queue just to get cleaned up by some idiot at 90 degrees to you.....
  13. hmm, I always thought it was the taxi behind you honking :)

    please, please! be careful of the redlight runners those of you who like to barrel away from the lights. See far to many bikes split to the front and then don't even bother taking a quick left/right just before their own light goes green.
  14. I like to scan the crossroad to look for red light runners. :grin:
  15. It's that slow bke you're on CamKawa. They're beeping in pity. ;)
  16. Lately, I've noticed an increased number of drivers willing to race me off from the lights. Sometimes I take em on, other times I let them "win" and pull in behind... I figure it's safer being behind a driver with an itchy right foot... don't want them coming up behind me.

    ... cheers.
  17. Generally kids in Crappadores, they think they are fully sick.
  18. or anything with a big pipe on it and red 'P' stuck to the back :roll:
  19. I got into an interesting 'conflict' with a black crummy-dore utility on the way home from Jindabyne on Sunday.

    He was sitting right on my tail coming out of Bateman's Bay, so every time a passing lane came up, I kept to the left lane but picked up my speed, forcing him to go a lot quicker if he really wanted to go past. He declined the invitation three times, but up near Ulladulla he found a long straight and blasted past at around 135ks. No probs.

    A kilometre or so on, there's a big climbing double-lane left hander. So I lined up behind him and stayed there for most of the corner, and then just before it straightened out and the left lane closed off, I dropped a cog and rounded him up round the outside! So much fun, like taking candy from a baby.
  20. I'm not gonna fall for the bait. :grin: