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Anyone else having issues with OSX el capitan upgrade for mac

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. I've tried upgrading last few days, yosemite to el capitan, seems like an impossible task, 6 day downloads for a 6gb file, but when my mac shuts down, the download pauses and cant start it again.

    Tried using the change dns trick to no avail

    Macbook pro
  2. Sounds like the servers are getting hammered. No suggestion other than leave it a while.
  3. No problems for me, on 3 devices.
    Hint: After downloading the install, and before starting the install process, copy the Install file from your Applications into another directory so you don't need to download it again for same or other OS/X devices.
  4. Took me a couple of goes to get the download to work our properly, but once I got all the way through the 6gb download on Friday it reinstalled first time with no dramas. This is a 2015 Macboook Pro though, so it had only ever had Yosemite on it.

    Half an hour for download (uni connections help), about half an hour for the upgrade. I did the download during the day on Friday rather than when 'Mericans would have been hammering the servers so maybe that helped? Once it rebooted it was all straightforward.
  5. Took a day or so due to slow download. The mouse crashed after I started using it because the Logitech Marble mouse needs software updated for El Capitan but after that everything is fine.
  6. Have not bothered as I couldn't see much to gain over Yosemite. Those that have think it's worth the effort ? I've got 3 Macs in the house.
  7. More stable for me so far. I was having lockup issues (mid 2007 iMac) and it seems a bit faster now as well. Nothing game changing though. Maybe if I have a newer laptop...
  8. If you use full screen often then the split screen thing is pretty handy. Several apps have not been upgraded yet to take advantage of split screen (TextWrangler) so it limits its usefulness.
    I often lose my mouse, so I like the "wiggle mouse to make it huge" feature.

    Apart from those, I haven't really noticed anything that would make me download it (apart from security fixes).
    Don't use Spotlight apart from launching apps so I don't get all of the improvements they did there.
    Better "Notes", I don't use them anyway.

    Haven't noticed faster app launching at all. (infact sometimes it feels slower)
  9. problem is getting the download to my macbook in the first place, just not happening
  10. But 1 think i have noticed, I'm on Optus cable and added a bigpond dns to my network settings, seems to have improved the speeds by lots, no idea why, downfall is, now when i try to upgrade to El Capitan, won't accept the dns, download wont even start
  11. Just upgraded on my mac air. Download took about 8 minutes and install about 30 minutes. Can't see much difference yet.
  12. farrk serious, just tried again, 6 days
  13. I;m on telstra broadband cable, nothing special. Have you tried letting it run for a while to see if it comes down rapidly all of a sudden ?
  14. Ye speeds are down a lot, I used to crack close to 100 Mbps

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 30209 kbps (3776.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

    but still, that's close to 4 megabytes per second so shouldn't be a problem
  15. Last week there were reports in the SMH and zdnet that Telstra was having issues with Apple content with it being something to do with their undersea cable.

    Subsea cable leaves Telstra customers with Apple download delays | ZDNet

    I was having similar with Internode (maybe on same carrier?) It seemed better over the weekend but this morning IOS app updates were dead slow again.

    FWIW I upgraded a laptop last week and a mini saturday night - the mini seemed to hang at the accept terms and conditions screen but luckily afer I powered off and restarted El Capitan came up ok - just needed to finish itunes login
  16. Grab the install file from torrent, then you'll have it fully and not have speed/pause/restart issues.
  17. On telsra cable here and had no issues downloading on 2 macs
  18. OK finally got it down to 35 minutes halleluja

    Used the OpenNIC DNS method and it worked a treat

    For others having issues..
    Go to Your nearest OpenNIC DNS servers - OpenNIC Project
    Copy the 1st ip, (that should be a server closest to you.)
    Then open system preferences.
    Click on network.
    Click on advanced.
    Click DNS tab.
    Hit the little + button on the bottom left box
    Add that ip
    Hit ok
    Hit Apply
    Wallah :)