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Anyone else have "Scared Days"??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Generally have been feeling good about the bike but the last couple of days I've been a bit more scared. I know I sound like a wuss but I'm putting down to;

    a) advanced rider training confidence is wearing off
    b) riding a bit faster recently, scaring myself on a few corners :shock:
    c) reading a first aid manual for work is freaking me out :(

    I've pulled back a fair bit, just crusing for now and practing getting my line right and enjoying going with the flow.

    So is this normal? :?
  2. define "normal"
  3. I don't like the idea of 1100cc riders being scared, haha.

    But yeah I have those days. Usually comes after having someone pull a u-turn in front of me from the side of the road, etc.
  4. I'm by no means a veteran :) but for most days I feel great when riding. Then I'll have a day come by where something will just freak me out.

    For example misjudging a corner and taking it a little too fast. Or a cager pulling out in front of me.

    The best way I deal with it is trying to learn something from that experience to better prepare myself another day.

    As to your question.. yeah I think it's every bit normal. :wink:
  5. I have "hmmm - better not ride today, I'm an uncoordinated git" days! :LOL:
  6. Hmmm, can't say I have "scared" days, but I do have "off" days where I'm a little tired or stressed or whatever and am just not focusing on the task at hand, and so will just cruise rather than attempt to carve up every corner.

    On the ride on Saturday we were riding through some horrendous raining conditions, and damp/wet roads when not being rained on, and my last memory of a wet road was on the 22nd April of highsiding the bike and smashing up my left shoulder very badly at PI. Even so, I wasn't so much scared of the wet conditions as I was very cautious, perhaps overly so. Then again after hearing the tales of the guys going a little quicker than I getting occasional slide-outs when I experienced none, I would say that it really was a case of "discretion being the better part of valor", instead of being "scared".

    There's a difference between knowing when all is not well, whether that be with yourself or the road or the prevailing conditions, and taking appropriate cautionary action as opposed to being "scared". The public road is a dangerous place if you come off at speed. Never beat yourself up over erring on the side of caution.
  7. I don't have scared days but i have days when nothing feels like it's going good..I just take it easy and don't go fast/lanesplit on those days
  8. ive been scared since learning i got off my restrictions, just because i cant beleive the fact that im able to finally get a new bike. something has to go wrong lol. my first hurdle was getting quoted $7500 for full comp insurance from swann.
  9. I rode my bike for the first time today in 3 months, so yeah, a little scared there.

    I sometimes (especially today) find myself scared to travel at the same speed as the rest of traffic. For example, travelling on a straight section of main road today, the limit was 70, and the rest of traffic was 70, but somehow as soon as I crossed above 60 I felt pretty frightened. Completely legal, no obvious danger, but just unnerving somehow. Could have been the afternoon sun in my eyes?

    Or just the fact that, after driving for a while you become "desensitised" to speed? The first time you ride at 60kmh, its really scary, and you don't know how you'll ever go faster. Then over time you go 70, then 80, 90 and upwards, till you feel in control at all legal speeds, and even licence losing speeds. Perhaps I've become sensitive again to the real risk that is an unavoidable potential at higher speeds?
  10. Seven Five....SEVEN FIVE Faaarkenell! That is scary.

    I have cautious/scared days, of 2 kinds. First when out fanging and it's just not flowing and I lose confidence and consequentely ride (even) slower all day. Second and much worse, when traffic is out to kill me specifically, not just bikes in general. Me, just me. Kill the blue VTR250. On these rare occasions I get that I just wanna go home feeling and I get the hell outta wherever I am quicksmart even if it adds a fair bit to my journey to go the laid back/low stress way.

    Yo Breno, there are some funny sigs on netrider, but yours is a bloody gem :LOL: I'm still chuckling.
  11. yep i've definitely had them. i remember clearly one sunny spring day about 9 months ago when i did a run up through the the spurs and as soon as i got to the twisty bits i just felt like i didn't want to be there. It was damp, windy and i'd had a big one the night before. Weird s##t. Maybe it was the hangover or something, or (later) passing a bad looking accident scene up on the reefton spur.
    On the other hand i did a Great Ocean Road run on Sunday and had an absolute blast, no sketchy moments, absolutely giving it to it around the bends, great times.
    I think the only answer is experience - the more you ride the more you will feel comfortable in any circumstance and as others have said - the road is no place to really push the limits. Or they will push you.. :LOL:
  12. I hope not. I'd hate to think I was "normal".

    listen to the voices in your head when they tell you to take it easy today.
  13. I generally avoid riding if I percieve bad juju. Otherwise, I have various degrees of traction.
  14. sorry to go off topic, but Jbot got some inspiration from your sig
    | |
  15. I got up this morning and thought how much I wanted to ride. Checked the weather, 18 and rain - no riding. Checked the weather again, evening showers which means riding!! Went to put my boots on and changed my mind - something didn't "feel" right :) Granted I'm a newbie still, so probably more likely to be afraid than someone who's been riding for years n years, but yeah - I have scared days :)
  16. Wise move!..
    I commute every day, and as others have already said, you will have your up and down days.
    On my down days, I simply "give-in" to it, and take things slow and steady, and leave the "gusto" riding for a better day.

    Having said that though, if I get to a point where I am not shaking it off, I believe it's due to too much pottering around in the lethargy of heavy traffic....so I head off someplace and try to push through the doldrums to get my "Riding face" and higher levels of confidence back.

    I usually have to relearn some of my more extreme riding skills at the beginning of summer, since it takes a little while for the brain and body to remember them after the winter drudgery.
  17. I have an off day every now and then, just jump on the tram and read a book. Other days i dont split, just pretend I'm a car and keep my eyes open till it wears off, usually doesnt take long.
  18. Yeah...I have days when I'd rather not ride....however as my bike is my only mode of transport (and catching the train means getting out of bed earlier) I tend to just do what the others have said and take it easy, dont lane split and err on the side of caution in every situation...

    I tend to find that I usually manage to shake the wierd feeling off - however on days when riding is a choice - eg weekends when just riding for pleasure, if I get a bad vibe - I tend to leave the bike at home...
  19. Scared is good,keeps you humble.I have days when it just doesnt feel right,or a baaaaad :eek:hno: feeling in the gut,I dont ride on them days.
  20. Agree with movin - ever since i started riding there is a degree of "scared" every day (i commute)but it isn't a debilitating fear - call it healthy respect. Some days are more interesting than others - and some days you just don't ride.