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Anyone else have a cold/mild flu?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. My throat is sore, my nose is running like a cocaine addict's and my ear canals feel like they have been cemented shut. But I've decided to take a healthy dose of HTFU and work on my bike.

    Who else?

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    Yep me..
    Nothing serious just annoying.
    Icicle rides fault....lol
  3. more like KARMA
  4. Yeah,, it's doing the rounds.
  5. The "mild flu" in thread title reminds me of the time I went to the doctor and told him I had a "touch of the flu" only to be told rather condescendingly that there was no such thing - you either had flu or you didn't. Um, yeah ok, so a very bad cold maybe?

    The worst thing for me when the weather turns cold is that I get a runny nose which lasts until the weather warms up again. Oddly enough, I get very few colds since I started getting the flu shots every year which doesn't make sense since the flu viruses and common cold viruses are completely different.
  6. Had it for 4 weeks - absolutely killed my gym workouts comeback all the advances i made in previous 6 weeks were lost
  7. Same, had it for the past 4 weeks, coupled with a virus that's doing the rounds.
  8. Only in my ninth day of my cold and I've had more than enough.
  9. Good so it's not just me then
  10. Yep, just getting over a cold now. I even had to take a day of work, very unusual for me. I've been here for nearly 12 years and I've got over 500hrs sick leave banked up.
  11. Wow! You should use your sick leave to go on a big motorcycle trip.
  12. The thought had crossed my mind. However, it's good knowing that I have that much sick leave, just in case I have an off and need to take some of it.
  13. It can hit quickly. Felt ok this morning, past few hours a headache, now have aches and pains all over, a runny nose and cough. Crook as a dog going down hill fast.
  14. I had five weeks off with another medical issue - then came down with a godawful cold and had to have another week off. And it's still not totally gone.
  15. If I got the same s-hit I guess I better prepare myself for feeling like an absolute dog.
  16. You could take something for it.

    But as my mum (an RN) used to say, if you take something for a cold it'll be gone in about a week, if you don't it'll be gone in about 7 days.
  17. Yeah I've got the same, headache, chills/hot flushes, runny nose, nausea, general feeling of shit. So far it's ruined 3 of my days off, and the one time I call in sick to work (giving 8 hours notice) they can't find anyone to cover!! Hope it ****s off soon as I'm skiing in NZ in a week!

    This morning around 5am I had chills so bad I ended up running and getting the doona off spare bed and throwing it on top of my existing one, whilst also having my rooms heater set to 27.
  18. Be careful with temperature changes, I think that's how I got it. Spent weekend at Bendigo with warm blankets on airbed. It gets FARKEN cold up there. Kept getting in and out of bed so yeah.
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    Not me. Or not yet... *touch wood*
    But 2 people I know are recovering as I type.

    Anyhow, would you ride when you have a cold / flu?
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    Yeah no problem