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anyone else had the case of swine flu last weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by davey_87, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. So me and a few lads (about 10 others) were cruising along beach road in sandringham last friday nite. we happen to see the boys in blue up ahead, so we made sure we were abiding the speed limit

    they manage to pull about 8 of us over, licence and tyre checks... 45 mins later they tell us they will be sending us fines in the mail.
    they had asked each of us why we were speeding and majority of the responces were 'no comment' or i was not speeding

    they actually sent all of us a fine in the mail, 74 in a 60 zone, $234, 3 points. in the information field they wrote "followed".

    They cant be serious can they? fair enough if they had a speed camera/detector, but 8 bikes all going 74 at the same time.

    sounds like bollocks to me, would anyone else agree?

  2. 10 riders means 9 witnesses for each of you.

    Get everyone's contact details immediately; meet up, make sure you all have the same story.
    Everyone should put their account in writing, stating awareness of police presence and their location in relation to your riding group (diagrams are acceptable), label it a statutory declaration and get them all signed by a Justice Of The Peace [triplicate copies, and they are your 'originals'].

    Then seek legal advice and fight the hell out of it.

    Never hand over your last 'original' of a legal document (wet ink signature). Photocopies are fine for any lawyer looking at your case.

    Legal advice may determine otherwise, but I'd be looking to speak to the Sergeant of the station they were from, as well as having my local MP bring the matter to the Police Commissioner. Using words like "misconduct" and "discrimination" and "harassment".

    Keep us up to date, man.
    Makes me sick.
    You know the only reason the bastards did you for $234 and 3 points? Because any higher on a bogus fine and they think you'd fight it. They're counting on you not fighting... just like all the other fines they hand out.
  3. Why do they pick on riders like this? Do they hate us or what?
  4. Make sure you note how long he was followoing you at what constant speed.

    In court he will have to claim he followed you from a street to b street at a constant speed of 74km/hr.

    If you have nine witnesses that say that he didn't hold his distance behind you until C street and then pulled us over at D street, his evidence will be found wanting and you will create enough reasonable doubt.
  5. I may be misreading the OP but from what I can gather, the police were UP AHEAD - they didn't follow the bikes at all.
  6. They hate us because of our freedom.
  7. there was a fork in the road, cops and us on either side.
    we all saw the cops ahead before the two roads met and we were under the speed limit by the time we passed them (they were stoped at the lights)

    we were in two groups, and i was in the pack behind (as i was goign very slow). they were behind me for maybe 30 secconds, they ended up lane splitting me and a friend to catch up to the pack in front. no lights or sirens, they can't do this legally can they? i even recall her saying we were "blocking her" which was BS

    they turned their lights on after they passed us to catch up to the first group. because we didnt do anything wrong we caught up with them and pulled over aswel.

    i dont know where they got this 74 figure from. can they use their cars spedo to estimate anything that could hold up in court?

    they even had the nerve to wait in a car park about 10 minues up the road on our way back, she followed me for about 5 minutes and got bored i guess. its fantastic to know how the vic police utilise their scarce resources.
  8. This one has to be appealed!! from what I have read it seems so damn rediculous!
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