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Anyone else had eye laser surgery before?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pancreasboy, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Anything I should be asking in particular?

    Looks like I could get a good deal but have never really looked into it before.

    I'm looking at going through these guys, http://www.aies.com.au who a friend's wife from work has gone to last year and has recommended.

    As far as I know there will be no degration except for the age factor, but since i'm short sighted I think I'd rather have long sightedness in the future than continuing short sightedness.

    I'd be getting the wavefront treatment, anyone had that before?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I did the lasik with them about this time last year.
    I'm loving it atm and have no regrets about it.
    BTW, it was cheaper to go up to Sydney with paid accomodation than getting it down here in Melb where I live. Just make sure you have someone to accompany you on the day or they won't let you do it.
  3. Haven't had it, but I'm in the same boat, so to speak.

    Hopefully, this will be an interesting thread (y)
  4. Yeah I'm kinda over my glasses fogging up on rides and my 2 year old breaking my glasses (among other reasons). I'm also a graphic designer, and miniature painter so I worry that it might affect my close up work too? Any issues there?
  5. I've sent an email around our company asking for feedback on your provider, and I'll let you know what comes back (we sell some of the equipment).

    I'm told that most reputable surgeons will be using wavefront by now.

    I had it done 14 years ago (pre-wavefront) and it's still good.

    What you want is the latest gear :)D) and to make sure you have adequate corneal thickness. Your age is a factor. You should be told that your eyes will continue to change over time (The greatest change happens abruptly in your 40s and then moves very slowly after that, tending toward long-sightedness). Any sign of cataract would point to a different treatment.

    Just noticed the bit about miniature painting: if you correct for distance vision you will very likely lose a little bit of close vision acuity. That's just the way it is, and to be honest, it's going to happen whether you get surgery or not.
    I use a large jeweller's desktop magnifier when it's necessary. Sort of like this.
    Or I can sell you a nice (expensive) set of head or frame mounted surgical loupes with illumination :angel:
  6. I had it done 12 or 13 years ago. Eyes are still perfect now. Best money I ever spent.
  7. I haven't but have a friend who has he is in late fifties did not go well at all
  8. boss at work got it done just before xmas.. best thing he has ever done he reckons. now has perfect vision. his vision is better then it was when he was 12yrs old... he would be in late 30s
  9. I am 52, I had it done when I when I was in my late 30's using Lasik. My eyes were originally -6.0 and -5.5 which was close to the original recommended limits for LASIK.

    I ended up with 0.0 (best eye) and -0.5 (with slight astigmatism) but drifting in my prescription in my 40's have left me with -1.0 and -1.5 (still with slight astigmatism).

    I experienced slight loss of contrast in dark situations and slight amounts of light scattering at night when bright lights are against a black background (think dark moonless country night type dark). These effects are subtle and not a serious problem.

    On balance and compared to how bad my eyes were before I had them done (I could barely function without thick glasses and contacts irritated my eyes badly) I am very happy with the results.

    So not perfect but much improved over what I had before.

    I think sometimes people go into this process expecting perfection and come out unhappy, if OTOH you go knowing what to expect and knowing perfection is unlikely then you'll probably be happier with what you get.
  10. I've thought about it numerous times but dont have the balls to do it...

    It does relate to a VERY important thing. :)
  11. I had LASIK done at LaserSight in Melbourne last September. My corrections for being short sighted (something like -1.5 and -1.75) where over shadowed by my astigmatism which left me in a position where I couldn't read a street sign from more than 5 metres away.

    Now, 5 and a bit months after the laser correction, I've been left still slightly over corrected with some very minor astigmatism returning to one eye. Overall though, I've not looked back ... no pun intended.

    I'd reached a point where I'd considered and knocked back the thought of laser surgery a number of times, which my optometrist suggested could have been my subconscious to not wanting to operate on an essentially, perfectly fine part of my body. I reckon he was right about that, it was my biggest hurdle.

    What got me over the line in September was having reached the point where I was so outrageously frustrated by needing glasses 100% of the time, I was financially capable of doing it and I'm about the right age (early 30s) to still get some value before old age kicks in. Plus, I was also getting really tired of straightening out my glasses every second day when one of my boys "tried them on".

    I went with LaserSight simply because it was who my optometrist recommended. They've been around for a while and the doctor who does the surgery has been doing it for many, many years and has actually had laser eye correction himself. I found out later that my now sister-in-law had gone to the same place earlier last year and she was also happy with her results. She was way blinder then I was.

    Like I said above; I've not looked back since it was done, I'm hugely happy with the result. Easily my biggest hurdle to actually do it though was the psychological one.
  12. Having LASIK (Intralase) done a year and a half ago immediately increased my ability to ride and enjoyment of motorcycling. Best $5k I ever spent. Surgery was performed by Dr Reich at Vision Eye Institute, St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

    Only side effect is a tendency for eyes to dry out easier after extended periods of concentration (e.g. riding / driving / computers) but this is easily countered with generic eye drops.
  13. I wouldn't be game to have it done. My left eye is useless due to extreme astigmatism I've had since a child - my optic nerve is now degraded, so no improvement possible according to specialist. Right eye might be doable, but if something goes wrong, I'd be legally blind.

    It's a bit weird having only 1.25 eyes. Like my nose is stuck 3/4 of the way over instead of being in the middle. Robsalv tried my glasses on the other night - I think his head nearly exploded.
  14. If you're like me and are too scared to do it I found an alternative. It's called Orthokeratology.

    Basically, you wear contact lenses at night when you sleep, then take them out in the morning and you get perfect vision for the rest of the day.

    It's not for everyone, but I'd rather that routine than having my cornea cut and lasers being shot in my eyes :p
  15. Yes, not for everyone, but if suitable, Ortho K is probably the safest and most cost effective solution. After the break in period, the effect usually lasts for several days.

    In Australia, the incidence of serious complications from LASIK is extremely small. The incidence of less than desired results is more significant.

    Depends on what you want. I got LASIK because I contracted a very serious infection from using contact lenses in 3rd world conditions and I never wanted to put something potentially harmful in my eye again.
  16. Yep, obviously hygiene is is important, but that goes for any contact lense wearer. And yeah I wouldn't be wearing them in 3rd world conditions.

    Just an option I thought I'd mention for anyone else who might be interested.
  17. Thanks guys, I'll be having the consultation tomorrow so I'll take some of your questions and keep you posted.
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  19. Are you talking about laser lense treatment to inprove your sight or actual eye surgery ?
  20. Laser vision correction.

    I've been using orthoK for a couple of years. And loving the freedom but still find them a pain in the arse. If I get my eyes shot with frigging laser beams then it is one less thing to worry about.