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Anyone else going to see the Pixies? :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Seany, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. I have my ticket, who else is going? :woot: :dance:

  2. i don't have a ticket yet. but would kill to see them.
    are you going to the V festival or the actual pixies gig?
  3. Sidney Myer muic bowl on April 4th. :)
  4. where's my copy of beat?
    I'm sure they were playing somewhere other than SMMB 4/4/07...
  5. Been hanging out forever to see them, will get a ticket soon :woot: Are there any other shows? Not keen on the music bowl as a venue.
  6. Wouldn't mind seeing them actually. Where'd you get tickets from???

    I have got tickets to NIN though which should be awesome (Never seen them live before) :music:
  7. Ah, yeah I can see them now.... oh hang on, ok, never mind :oops:
  8. I've never been able to work out why people get so excited about this band.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't (whatever floats your boat, etc), but they don't do anything for me.
  9. Because they are the greatest band of all time. :)
  10. *slaps forehead*

    So that's the reason! It's all so clear to me now!

  11. Heard this morning there's a show on March 28th (melb) - but not sure where - anyone know more?
  12. well done BB!!
    shall be on the computer 9am tomorrow morn to get me tix. :grin:
  13. I could think of nothing worse!!!
  14. I've no need to see 'em - I'm away with the pixies a lot *groan*

  15. You could work for foxtel :p
  16. I won't hold that against you. :)

    But god damn, It's not easy. :shock: :LOL:

    Oh my golly! :shock: :LOL:
  17. Well, got my ticket for the show on the 4th only to find out about this one at The Palace on the 28th. *sigh* Would much prefer to go on the 28th, but will be in Canberra next week, getting back Wednesday night. Wondering if I could make it....
  18. Spent 2 days trying to get pre-sale tix for the 28th and had no luck.
    Will try and get in early tomorrow before they sell out.