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Anyone else getting sick of all the Winter Olympics promos on Foxtel??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. I'm suffering from a severe dose of sick of the Winter Olympics even before the event has started mainly due to the continual self promotion of the upcoming event.

    Nearly every ad break on every channel has some form of mini documentary and I'm over it.

    Anyone else sick of it??
  2. nup. but then i dont have foxtel
  3. I'm sick of all advertising. Luckily, (for the electronic variety at least) I find myself in a world filled with 'off' buttons.
  4. Nope. What are you, some sort of beach lover or something?
  5. I remember when Foxtel didn't have ads .......... ah, halcyon days!
  6. I don't have Foxtel, but the adverts are running regularly on the FTA broacaster; I quite like the ad, it's very clever, ice hockey on Sydney Harbour is a good image.

    As for the Games themselves, I haven't watched ten seconds of the last three summer Olympics combined, but the Winter Olympics are a must-see...
  7. YES! damn ads on Foxtel, they get/make an ad and beat it to hell, they get an episode of a show and they replay it three times a day...if only i didnt like TV so much!
  8. No It doesn't bother me. I'm a gold winning armchair sportsman ;-) What was really ticking me off was all the Australian christmas adds featuring snow. When was the last time there was snow in Australia in the middle of bloody summer. Mayby a few 100 million years ago when Australia was sitting closer to where antartica is now.
  9. Hopefully for us paupers without foxtel the switch from channel seven to nine, they may actually show something interesting other than figureskating.
  10. That's Climate Change for you, should have asked Kevin to bring it up at Nopenhagen.....
  11. Not uncommon down here. :p
  12. rang up to order box office movie to watch on number 2 stu.first thing its asrks do u want to order the olmypics ahh more crap... why cant they just make it like stu 1 hit the sellect button :busting:
  13. but no gold medal
  14. You can add those annoying Life Insurance adverts to the list as well.......
  15. The adverts in general on Fuxtel/Austcrap are getting beyond a joke, I watched a show on Discovery channel the other morning, went for 30 minutes, and in that time we had 6 ad breaks, so I got about 15 mins of show and 15 mins of friggin advertising!
    Between the Insurance adverts and the Tomato growing hang up side down thing....
    I'm just about ready to get it disconnected....