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Anyone else get this after washing their bike?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Spud Gun, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I washed my bike on Saturday. I used a citrus based degreaser to remove oil and grease that had built up on the engine, and gave it a good rinse afterwards. I was riding to work today (first use after washing), and I asume that its just residue being burned away, but my bike could have happily doubled as a dry ice machine. One thing is for sure, you are guarenteed all the room you want when your bike is belowing white smoke from the engine!

  2. white smoke = water in engine/exhaust?
  3. Theres an easy fix,

    Don't wash ya bike, thats why we have rain :)
  4. Some chemicals that leave a residue will produce nasty white smoke when heated, I heard that putting castor oil on someone's exhaust pipe will cause it to create thick white smoke as it heats up.
  5. Everytime I wash the bike I got to wait a couple of hours afterwards before it will start again. She hates the water.

    No problems with the rain, just a bath makes her tempermental (and that's my excuse for only washing her every 6 months).
  6. Try giving it a once over with a high pressure hose after you wash it.
  7. Sydney has water restrictions at the moment, you can't use a hose to wash a vehicle. $250 fine if one of your neighbours dobs you in.
  8. wear your wet weather gear and go throught the carwash :D
  9. HOLY CRAPOLY... I am going to do that..... nice
  10. good prep for wet weather conditions!!
  11. just make sure you take the sheepskin cover off...first :LOL:
  12. I assume you mean that the smoke was coming directly off your engine as opposed to out of your exhaust pipes. I tend to plug my exhausts with a rag to stop water getting in. As well as avoiding spraying that area.
    I have had a little but mine was probably steam, as the water dried and it didn't last for long.
  13. if you wash it with anything that hax a wax in it..Ie wash & wax...then the wax will burn off nextt ime the engine gets hot...may make some smoke.
  14. The smoke came off the engine itself, not from the exhaust. I did wash it with wash n' wax stuff. Its very hard to buy stuff without the wax. I don't have access to a hose, so I had to throw buckets of water at the engine. Thats never as effective as a hose. I am sure its burning stuff off, I just wish it would stop. It wasn't as bad when I got to work, I just hope its done for the return journey.