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Anyone else doing a Stay Upright Course?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bolle, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Just signed up for the intermediate (25th September) as well as the advanced course (21st October) in Victoria with Stay Upright. Curious if any other netriders are enrolled or can provide me feedback on their experience, especially on the Broadford circuit.

  2. Great sunny 8) day to complete the intermediate course in Hoppers Crossing today. A group of 10 people with a variety of bikes and experience and a good team of instructors. What did I get out of it?

    • Experienced the difference in control whilst cornering with the rear brake slightly applied instead of using throttle control.

      Positioned my feet better on the pegs in corners.

      Know now that I have to practise high speed emergency braking more often. Exiting a corner at speed is one thing, being able to stop quickly in response to the unexpected is another.

    In summary a worthwhile investment in maintaining and improving my skills and a great riding day. :)
  3. I've just booked in for a QRide course with Stay Upright here in Queensland, I hope they're good!

  4. ahh so stay upright is a qride place? how is the pricing of it?
  5. For complete noob's like me, they have a 2 day course for $480 (which includes gear + bike), and if at the end of 2 days you aren't quite good enough to pass yet, if all you need is practice then they'll throw in another 2 days for free. If there is a more serious issue then well, they'll recommend something else (not for free).

    The only other one that looked good to me was from ProHonda in Rocklea, they have courses for $220 a day (all inclusive). So $220 if you get it in 1 day, $440 for 2 days etc. They (and most other places I spoke to) reconned that I'd need maybe 3 days to get it, so Stay Upright appealed to me more...
  6. ill be a stay upright hoppers crossing tryna get my L's on saturday 8th of oct, spent enough time babying around in the dirt
    time to get on the ride
  7. I did all my training (learners and Ps) at Stay Upright in Hoppers. Highly recommended. Will be booking an Intermediate course there once I replace the rollerskate.