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Anyone else breeding at the moment?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. I'm way too drunk to write anything of any real value, being the "work christmas party"time of year. I am booked out on Saturday nights until well after new years!
    Anyway, attached is a mug shot of the newest, under-construction, child to live at my mogo abode. You can see a set of mits, a melon, a couple legs and the bit what joins it all up. I am assured this is good.
    Early Tests (due to uncommon abdo-pain) revealed 2 cysts on Rox's girlybits, so its not going to be as straight forward as the first couple of wallet emptiers. It is the opinion of the quack that the cysts are benign, and therefore no invasive action will be taken until after she backs the little bugger out.
    Fingers crossed, and touch wood, and all that!
    If the free alcohol doesnt leave a gaping hole in my memory, I will remember to get back to the story, and elaborate further on how this happened.....haha
    I'd have been bragging about my apparent potence when we first found out, however with the early complications we decided to keep it fairly quiet.

    So, heres to number 3 :shock:
    now, where did i put my rum? :?

  2. Congrats Joel, hope everything goes really well !

  3. Congratulations brother Joel [​IMG]
    & fingers crossed the pregnancy continues without hiccups [​IMG]


    God knows how you find the spare coupla minutes when you're
    either sleeping, drinking or riding one of ya bikes [​IMG]
  4. Congratulations to you both! :grin:
  5. My wife and I are contemplating our third. Would wait about 6 months before getting her pregnant though.
  6. Commiserations........ I mean congratulations!!

    Me and the missus are due in Feb. My 3rd. Her 2nd. All totally unplanned :? Had a 100% strike rate this year at one stage :LOL:

    Can't wait for all the sleepless nights, crappy nappies screaming, vomiting :roll: Whoever thinks babies are beautiful, wonderful creatures have got rocks in their heads. Bloody hard work I reckon. Get's much better when they are old enough to know what they are doing. ie do what they're told IMHO. (Of course it gets worse again when they are old enough to tell you to get stuffed :LOL: )

    Good luck with it!
  7. Congrats Joel :)

    My breeding days are over ... passed my breeding licence over to the kids now :LOL:

    BTW .. Didnt think you had it in you at your age >> 91 yo :shock: :shock:
  8. We are trying for #2 now, but need to practise more.
    congrats Joel. :)
  9. Congratulations to you and Roxanne, Joel. :dance: That 1st ultrasound image blew us both away, makes it all of the sudden :shock: VERY real. We will have to get them together and in the words of Bart Simpson "Keeewwwwwl, we can race em" :LOL: You can represent NR N.S.W. on a Honda, we will be N.R. Vic, on a Suzuki :grin:
  10. Way to go Joel! Congrats!

    Is there something in the water at the moment??????? :grin:
  11. great stuff joel - really fabulous news. also a gemini kid eh? better not put our two together as ken suggests or they'll go blue in the face out-talking each-other.

    huge best wishes to you and Rox. may all go smoothly, easily and joyfully. hugs'n'love, c

    fancy a glass rob? :p
  12. ...er ...not at the minute... wouldn't mind one day though... :LOL:
  13. Congrats Joel, love the lingo - way to crack me up. 'Wallet emptiers' :LOL:
  14. GOAL! :grin:
  15. Congratulations Joel and all others expecting.

    Here is a pic of my son that has been baking for 32 weeks now.
    It is a 4 dimensional scan taken @ 28 weeks. Well worth getting done and most places have the machine to do it now.

  16. Did you know it was a boy before this scan or does having this wizz bang 4d scan just give it away?

    We've been drinking the water too Rob! March 8th................ :grin:
  17. We knew he was a boy. The 4D just makes it very clear.
  18. Congrats Joel. Now we know how you were occupied while your eye was bunged up do we?

    I can see this one in a SUZUKI t-shirt as surley this one will see the light.

    Well done to the both of you.
  19. Goodonya Joel. I am a generation in front of you. I became a grandpa on friday. Yay.
  20. Congrats Triway! And all you other forth going mulitplying types!!

    I see a small boom in kids MC gear in the next few years!

    Congrats MVRog on Grandpa status :)

    ... puts a whole other spin on the "Net Rider family" credo!