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anyone else at the island on Feb 19th?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BJ, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I'm hitting up my first track day ever on my 07 r1. Feb the 19th at the Island. I'm in the slow group as i figured this would be the easiest spot to get used to the new bike and 1st time at riding the track. Figured if I find myself going well I can step up into a higher class.

    So just wondering if any other potential netriders will be there, preferably someone with oodles of track experience that can help me break my virginity with assorted helpful tips :grin:

  2. I'II be there mate.

    Best advice, listen carefully to the briefing and take part in the first timers program.
    You are not going to break the lap record, so don't try.
    Get used to the track, the speed and the traffic. White group has the most unpredictable riders, take extra caution when passing.
    If you have any questions throughout the day ask your first timers coach.
    I will be working in the hire dept, come and say hi. :wink:

  3. I've some advise for you too.......take some time between sessions to remember how good a day you're having!

    Can't believe you miserable Victorians get such a track in your state.

    Enjoy!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. Cheers Mark, I'll poke my head in and say g'day.

    I'm absolutely pumped to be going down, not just my first track day ever but my first visit to the island so should be a fookin blast!!!!!
  5. Mwahahahaha :p :p :p
  6. Too late, was there yesterday mate! Hope the weather stays as good for as well!
  7. Quick question guys,

    What's the policy on specators for track days at PI? Free? Access to Pit area? etc

    Personally can't partake until end of year, but would like to go to watch to see what it's all about.
  8. Yep, spectators free mate, and you can go anywhere the riders go apart from on track.
  9. i'll be there too popping my phillip island cherry... gonna take it pretty easy as the wise old heads suggest. I've done a few broadford track days but realise its a whole new game at the island. My big bro will be along aswell, we're in the medium slow group, 03 blue r1, blue/black k5 gsxr750. will say g'day if i spot yer

    (by the way i think we're sandwiched in between a fair bit of world superbike testing so there might be a few black lines on the track to try and follow :LOL: )
  10. ahh that's right wsbk at the end of the month.

    Fingers crossed i get to drop a knee for the first time, maybe... we'll see if my balls grow a little ;)
    1 day to go!!!!!!! can't wait.
  11. Heading down tonight, see you in the morning guys! :grin:
  12. doh i messed up the date :oops: . I'm booked in the friday 20th, not tomorrow!
    Good luck out there, hope you lads leave the track in a nice clean state for the day after!
  13. FZRSpock, I left some peg marks out of Turn 10 (MG) where I binned one of the rentals! Don't follow those...! grrrrrr....

    Was a sensational day....up until that brainfade - tipped in nicely, was on the knee and grabbed way too much gas - back spun out from under me, low side towards the inside of 11.... :oops:

    So triway, were you one of the fellas in bike rentals trying to console me...? :LOL:
  14. Oh man, sorry to hear it Sloth, I saw the loaner laying lifelessly on the outside of MG. I didn't feel comfy with MG all day.

    I think that was the session we all got the reprimand as some were passing on Yellows. Trust you didn't damage yourself.
  15. no shit! we saw two binned hire bikes today, one pretty bad with busted head stock, the other just a broken screen and various other bruises. no wonder you dudes choose to ride someone elses bike!! Good day though, couldn't believe the speed you can hold through some of those corners (hayshed, turn 1, turn 12 come to mind) - like i thought, it was another world compared to broadford - couldn't get my knee on the deck except for the slow corners (Honda and MG mostly) but i'm hooked now, southern loop my favourite corner fo sure, made heaps of passes on the outside, can't wait to get back down there :grin:
  16. Yep, that was me!
  17. haha oh shit I was wondering who it was that binned the hire bike :roll:

    I was there with 2 mates in the white group (sv1000 and yellow r1)
    My mate put his 50th anniversary r1 down on MG as well..... he had only had it for 2 months :(
    He still had a great day even after all that. I had an absolute blast. I was on the red and white r1 in the white group if you saw me :grin:
    Bloody great fun, i slowed up abit after seeing my mate go down in front of me but other than that had an awesome day. Should have got the knee down though, chewed my tyre out fairly majorly and had some good speed but just twisted myself up leaning off the bike and was a few cm still clear of scraping...
    I so keen to do it more I'm looking at investing in a banged up 600 from the auctions. Either that or some sort of track day insurance... don't wanna hurt my baby :grin:
    I'll hook into some superbike schools and attack it again soon.
    Can't recommend it more to anyone. cheap day $250 and well worth it... well what are you waiting for get your ass out there!
  18. Indeed it was - 3rd lap of the 6 minutes remaining after we had our 'talking to'...! So yeah it would have been the second last corner of that session - when I picked myself up the 11 marshal was showing the red... doh! :oops:

    I was fine and suprisingly the leathers were largely unmarked after a 40m slide, all on bitumen - says a lot for Dianese leathers!