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Anyone downgraded?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. hi guys,

    Has anyone ever downgraded from a bigger bike down to a 250 (or lower)?

    Im thinking about gettting a little vespa GT200 or a GT250. Im just getting too busy at the moment to go riding and only riding i actually do is commuting back and forth from work.

  2. I've gone from a series of 1100s and 1000s (naked early 80's/late 70's mainly) to a Trumpy 750 parallel twin. Less than 1/2 the power but no loss of fun in my view. I also once bought a new 250 for commuting reasons. I ended up riding it more than the bigger bike!
  3. Haven't got off a 250 yet. :)

    Hoping to get mine back today with a smile and an "It's working fine."
  4. I had a CBX550 for a while (but it was a heap and I maybe ran up 5 hours riding on it total), and am now back on a 250 (Spada). It'll do me for a while, but I definitely have a yen for a 600 or 650.
  5. depends what you call downgrading and the reasons for it, i bought the VFR 800 so i could do some touring an still have a 'sporty' bike. if i was in outer Melb and comuting everyday i'd sell it and buy a smaller bike or a motard would that be downgrading?
  6. It seems to be some sort of thing these days that you keep going up in power/capacity.

    There really seems to be this push for people to jump straight onto a large bike as soon as they get off their P's. When I started riding it was reasonably unremarkable to move up or down in size as long as it had 2 wheels and an engine. :LOL:

    I tend to go up or down with my bikes as I feel like it and depending on whether the individual bike appeals. :grin:

    A (not complete ) list - in order. There's a good few others in there (like ES2 Nortons, some other European stuff and a few other odds and sods) somewhere that overlap but I'm counting the one I chose to ride for most of the time.

    Yamaha AS1 125, Bultaco Metralla 250, CB450 Honda, Yamaha DS7 250, Vespa 150, BMW 750, Montesa Capra 250, Yamaha RD250, Honda CB750 (dog), BMW 750 (same one again), Yamaha RD400, Yamaha 100, several Yamaha RD's 350s & 250s - can't remember the exact order , BMW K series (various), Harley Sportster 883 (OK I got that one free with a packet of tea :LOL: ), BMW R65LS - that doesn't count all those I've had on extended loan from my brother and brother in law over the years when they were overseas and I didn't own a bike.

    The R65 is certainly not the highest performing bike I've owned it's about 60k down on top speed from the slowest K series but it's reliable, comfortable, handles very well and a heap of fun.

    Quite possibly the next bike I get will be a more powerful bike (but I'll be keeping the R65 :LOL: ) If I can convince the financial controller it's a good idea I'd like to buy my brother in law's ZX1000RX that's had some serious go faster stuff done. I can et it very very cheaply. Unfortunately she heard about the 290k he's had it up to and seems to think the fact that it has no performance below 6000 might disqualify it as a commuter bike :LOL: :LOL: :roll:
  7. Down Grade,

    How about a worked 1300 Hayabusa to a 600cc CBR600F4i.

    The F4i was more practical and I "Have more fun" on the 600 rather than just going at light speed on teh Busa. I happy to Mono the CBR6 and put my knee down, but wasn't on the bigger bike.

    I am considering a VFR800 again as a second bike for touring. Just have to want to spend my saving s enough I guess.

    In order of bikes I've gone;

    '99 VT250C Honda Cruiser (Cool first bike),
    '92 FZR600 (Scary),
    '00 CBR600F4 (Great confidence building bike & all rounder),
    '00 VFR800 (Wish I never sold it, I was a fool),
    '04 Hayabusa (Blo*dy fast, suprisingly nimble, but a handful, overall good) ,
    Suzuki GS500E (Lots of cheap fun, little boring, good commuter),
    '05 Ninja 636 (Nightmare unless you basically want a track bike with rego),
    '04 CBR600F4i (Like the F4 only better, FI makes a big difference, I never want to sell this bike).

    ?Maybe another VFR for Touring & going 2UP

  8. i wish i had an f4easy

    i went...

    250 *
    50 *

    * = no longer have
  9. My first was a Kawasaki Balius then moved onto a 2000 nuclear red (not pink) Speed Tripple that was traded in for a Ducati 748sp Crashed that and then bought a Ducati Monster S4 and then that was expensive to service ($1k for a service WTF?) and now on the R6.
    I live in Chaddy and work in Hawthorn so its 10ks if im lucky and only real rush i get is have a quick fang getting onto the freeway. Anyways im in a "tight ass" phase. Sell my bike, buy a cheaper one and then i can get my plasma to watch the motorbikes on.
  10. I have the 250, and have found few people that dont ask when i am going bigger.. I may get a something bigger for two up, but it will just be for 2 up, might go smaller.. well the rims into a motard set up, at 60kph i should get about 47km per lt.. not sure if there are any larger bikes that return this type of economy.. and large smiles the whole way... although i dont get to keep up with my mates in a head wind or a large long rude hill...
  11. i went from a fast 250 to a slow 250. (TZR250->Virago) but only because i had my leg in a brace and couldnt ride a sports bike at the time.
  12. Thousands.

    An old friend's dad I used to see riding around a lot on a 900 Ducati went to a srx250 and then a scooter.
  13. i think i win in the down grade race.

    gpx [180ks]- zx9 [260ks] - granny walker [9ks] i hit top speed on it all d time!
  14. I've retired the Ducati to the shed and am going to spend the next 6 months on a 26 Y/O Yammie twin
  15. I have a 250 in the garage of which is hard to say goodbye too, allways nice to jump on the baby and throw it around.

    Not sure if i would ever give up a bigger bike, they are just so much more safer on the road.
  16. I went from a V4 Honda VF 1000 to an across. Only because the Honda started making noises and the across was available cheap. Prob wouldn't do it by choice otherwise. My next bike will prob be around 600- 750.
  17. Yes I down sized , from 1200 Vtwin HD , to 1100 Vtwin Yamaha (wifes Virago cos it had a chair mounted and we could continue riding with litle kid), to no bike then onto a babyblade.

    The Babyblade was the most fun just because I didnt have to commute on it ,or carry a pillion, it was light , quick enough to leave cages behind and stopped on a 5c piece, lastly it owed me next to nothing as I bought it crashed and repaired it myself, and as I no longer road long distances just quick wekend blats then comfort was not an issue.

    Now Have gone sort of full circle again and ride the VFR 750
    , why well if you need to ask yuo woulndt understand.