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Anyone done the "Postie Bike Challenge"?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm thinking about doing the postie bike challenge this year in October. Its Brisbane to Cairns this year. Just after some feedback if anyone here has done the challenge before and any good/bad points. Its 5grand and I think the actual postie bike challenge website doesnt actually tell you much at all about what to expect. (Couldnt be any worse than Ewan mcGregors 'long Way Around'

    So yeah, any one been there, done that>?

    Cheers :)

  2. NEV!!!!! Your experiences are required in room 1 !!
  3. Hi Paulie,

    My old man invited me along on the 2002 ride - Brisi to Darwin but, I declined on the basis of ‘boring’. Anyway he fell off (with many others) on that ride and broke a collar bone and a couple of ribs. This spiked my interest and I decided maybe it wasn’t boring!
    So I signed up for the ‘postie bike challenge’ 2003 Brisi to Darwin – And my old man also signed up again determined to finish the challenge.
    So here’s what I found -

    It was run extremely professionally! Back up cars – spare bikes – a genius mechanic.
    The organisers were also good people – real easy going and very accommodating and come with a wealth of experience. Lang Kidby and his wife were running it at the time with his daughter, Kylie and her partner Dan. – now I thinks it’s just Kylie and her partner Dan running the show – both very competent.

    It was an adventure and riding in the bull dust, trying to stay upright on postie bike tyres, with road-trains over taking you!!!! Great fun!!

    Everyone was great – but (like in every group) there were a couple that just managed to piss a few people off – however they got drunk one night early on and we never saw them again?? – Apparently just pulled out.

    There were a few injuries along the way – some from the inexperienced riders just not approaching dirt correctly – some from the experienced riders trying to go too fast and misjudging bull dust covered pot holes (1/2 foot deep!).

    I could get my bike up to 80kph (going down hill) and never had any problems – some people had a few mechanical issues along the way, but as I mentioned the mechanic at the time was a genius!

    I had fun and I’m glad I did it – my dad finished this time. Would I do it a second time at $4-5K - not sure, but definitely glad I did it once.

    Photo - Me and my old man

    URL - other postie bike photos

    Anyway – I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

  4. Thanks Scatts :)

    I have thought of doin it for a while and after watching "the long way around' kinda makes me wanna do it more. 5grand though sounds a lil rich though, id prolly have more fun pocketing the 5grand and making my own way around-but then theres no backup.... hey why dont us netriders all plan a big ass ride like that be a loads of fun
  5. you are welcome to join me and Azz around Oz on the postie! we are leaving after the superbikes in march! first phllip island then tassie then Oz then the WORLD!!!! he :dance: hehehe all at under 100km/hr :moped:
  6. I've been looking at this too.

    Remember, the intent is to generate money for the Rotary club as the stated beneficiary. The 5K includes all your costs including a return air fare. The bike is yours at the end and does have some value, though the organisers want you to donate the bike for the Rotary club to sell.

    The 5K seems a bit steep, but not excessive for a fully supported trip.
  7. A friend that does postie rounds as a contractor down here in Tassie has paid 2k for a second hand postie I believe, so that would reduce the cost a fair bit?

    Personally cant imagine doing it but that may be cos the only bike I've had an off on other than dropping when parking (touching lots and lots of wood) is the postie! :oops: but I imagine it would be a great experience
  8. But the point is to donate the bike, so the cost is what it is.

    I am sure that a bike donated to a charity would count as a tax deductible donation?

    Anyway, it's about the experience, the fun and the challenge. If cost is an issue, there are many other ways to travel Oz on the cheap.
  9. See I thought I could just keep the bike but then I'd feel like a tight arse if most of the other people supposedly donate their bikes at the end. I kinda figured if I kept the bike the trek from cairns to sydney on a postie bike would be an extension to the trip and be kinda fun/scary. I guess I could give then a few hundred bucks and/or tell them to keep the return ticket.

    But yeah now that u mention it, maybe I would be better off just writing it off on tax... hmmm.... food for thought
  10. Yep, most people handed the bike over in 2003, but a couple kept them. And my accountant advised me that I could claim the bike as a tax deduction (-just the bike value only - not the whole trip cost.)

    - There are a couple of groups out there that do the same thing for the same price but hire you DR650's and provide full support. but I havn't done one of these ....yet, so I can't vouch for them.

    I'd be interested in doing this sort of thing eventually.

  11. Hi all,
    I love to do the postiebike challenge, but several factors are prohibiting me from doing it... (age, $$, time)

    However one day i plan on riding around Australia in a postie bike... but i doubt that it'll be soon... still i love to read about the adventures of people trekking throughtout australia on posties...
  12. So Paulie, Did you enter? And how many other riders from this forum have entered?

    I'm looking forward to it as possibly my only chance to see the real outback. Other trips I've made to Australia have involved rental cars that are restricted to sealed roads.
  13. G'day everyone,.....

    I think this Postie has enough of a challange on his plate!


    Dr Who?
  14. Bwahahaha,
    its good to see he managed to keep the mail out of the mud :p :LOL:

  15. G'day everyone,....

    He unlike a ships captain was un-willing to 'go down' with his bike!!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  16. Its a bugger it's so close to the motogp finishing. Would'nt mine doing it myself sometime if it doesn't clash.
    Sounds like good fun.