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Anyone done Rally Driving?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Got a Adrenalin dot com gift voucher for my 40th to go rally driving at Colo Heights, has anyone here had a go at it?, I cant wait

  2. Yeh man I done it but at wisemans ferry instead of colo. If I can give a word of advice, upgrade to the v8 buggies and upgrade to the extreme package. I did the buggies at colo. The track there is much more suited to the buggies, doesn't really do the rally cars justice though I'm certain you will love it if you choose not to upgrade.
  3. Plenty of unofficial stuff in the pine forests most Saturday afternoons, when I was a bit younger and even more stupid than now.
  4. Mmm, I've done a few amateur/unofficial grass khanacross events, which is kiiiiiiind of like rallying, just with a shorter stage and lots of traffic cones instead of trees. ;) That was in my 1986 Toyota MR2, before the 4AGE engine was swapped for a 4AGZE.

    Really glad I did it, as that handful of events taught me a great deal about how to induce, recover and most importantly control a slide in that little mid-engined car, which helped my car control greatly.

    You ought to have a blast!
  5. ive thought about giving it a crack... would love to give it a shot if it was cheap enough :p

    have fun mate!
  6. I did the one up at the Gold coast hinterland. We were in old WRX's
    Absolutely the best fun I've had in ages. The guy guides you around for a few laps then he is up you to get up it. Farken hoot.
  7. I did the one at Oran park in a v8 ute. The passenger/instructor was a c**t, made me keep it in 3rd gear (so idle) and went off at me every time it went sideways, massive rip off.

    I had more fun in my own car on my way out lol
  8. Yeh I raced a Datsun 1600 back in the 80's for a few years. Went into a team after that for a few more years, had great fun, met a lot of people etc. You'll love it. Make sure you eat properly beforehand, no greasy foods or Maccas, cos they won't want you spewin in their car LOL.
  9. farken score on the pressie

    grats man!!

    see if you can get the buggies so you can hang a leg out and get a knee down around the corners
  10. Goz your experience of doing dohies and fishies in your hay day at local park will come into play.

    I havent done any rally driving locally, but I have a relative OS; who runs his poogo in group n, had the opportunity to have a lash whilst getting some pointers; it was hoot!
  11. Goz if this happens to you, just ignore the prick. you're there to have fun, not do what some boofhead tells you to. whoever bought you the ticket has spent good money for you to go have the time of your life so do it :)
  12. Done it, loved it, rate it.

    Well done on the pressie :D

    Ive done the one in melbourne, guys were fantastic, best fun youll have on 4 wheels...
  13. When the bug bites and you want to step up to forest stuff give me a call ;)

    Better start saving though! haha

    Nice pressie. Enjoy it. It'll be a blast.

    EDIT: just noticed you said 40th..... faaaaark lol