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Anyone done HART Advanced 1 course?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by nightgash, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Im thinking about doing the HART Advanced 1 course. Has anyone done this course before and how was the course like at Calder Park where they conduct the training?

    I am still on my restricted licence and have only been riding a 250 so would they allow me to do the course on the CB600? Im a confident rider, I shouldnt have any trouble doing the course but was wondering if I wouldnt be allowed?

  2. could but i think its a risk you take with the sexy CB600.... :)
  3. got a vague memory you need an unrestricted licence as they ride from tulla to calder on the 600's.
  4. I asked about the course, and advanced 1 I believe is still at the training facility, so you are not on public roads so no restrictions apply.....
  5. I've done Advanced level 1 and 2 (when it was available in the past). It has been a while since I did them so some of the detail may be mixed up.
    They are great courses. The emergency braking from normal road speeds is useful, albeit on a very gripping drag race surface at Calder.
    The lock up the front wheel - skid on grass and let go pretty quickly is also instructive. Another exercise that seemed valid and only came into practice on a consistent basis in Tasmania was the high speed go around the witches hats through a corner to simulate road kill. :LOL:
    The "Ghymkana" exercise was also fun.
  6. I've done the advanced I course and I bought Mel a voucher for the intermediate course. I found the advanced course great for pointing out the faults in my roadcraft to improve and gave me new skills to polish. Mel found a lot of benefit in the intermediate course and was a good confidence builder, especially now that she is moving from a 250 to a VFR800.
  7. Log onto their site they explain the function and requirements for each of the 3 post licence courses. The intermediate is at their premises and you can do it on either 250 or 600 and as it is on private property you can do it before yuo finish your restrictions (this is one of its purposes, to get you used to a bigger bike before buying one).
    The next level course is at calder and is basically the same content but faster and the last is at broadford and faster still but same skills.
    I did the intermediate in late jan, just before coming off restrictions -was worth every penny, managed to do first stoppie and work out why you have toe sliders.
  8. AS far as I'm aware you need to be full license as they provide their CB600's for use & its @ Calder Park

    HART 9335 2766

    Course info
  9. Forget the advanced course, the intermediate deals with the same stuff and you don't have the freeway ride out to calder. Use the CB600s, they're easy and fun and if you shit yourself too much you can swap back to a 250.

    The intermediate course is brilliant. I plan to go back and do it again, even though I've done it and the advanced 1 before.
  10. So you have to ride the CB600 to Calder Park from Tullamarine?

    After doing the Learners and license test days at HART the Intermediate course sounds just like the license day. I don't know how much more I can get out of going around the course at Tulla at 20km/h. Even on a CB600 if your limited to 25-30 km/h on the track at Tulla is it worth doing? I thought at Calder Park you use the race track, or is it just a square area like the Tulla course?
  11. You go once around the thunderdome oval at a max speed of 100kmh. It's shit. Then the rest of the time is in a carpark just like the intermediate, except with people who think they're too good for the intermediate class. The exercises are extremely similar and you waste an hour and a half riding to calder park and back.

    I don't know anyone who rides too well to get plenty out of the intermediate class. As I say, I've done both, and I plan to go back and do the intermediate again, it's the ultimate car park session.
  12. If thats the case then I will give the advanced course a miss, added to the fact that I'm not legally allowed to ride a 600 on the road yet. :cry:

    I would only do the advanced to get onto the race track course, but then thats like $300+ and a track day a broadford without HART is around $150
  13. I didn't think they were running the racetrack course until they upgraded their fleet anyway.
  14. I'm sure I've read it in one of HART's brochures, but it's not mentioned on their website. To do the HART Race Track course, riders must have completed the Advanced course as these are progressive courses BUT .......

    Does anyone know if it is a requirement to have completed an Intermediate Course before doing an Advanced Course, or is this just a common sense thing to do?
  15. You can do the advanced course 1 and skip the intermediate. However I cannot even do this because you need to be able to ride the CB600 to Calder Park and I am on my restricted license still
  16. okies, thanks
  17. What happens if I just decide to not even bother with HART and go on a track day at Broadford? Would anyone that I'm an idiot?