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anyone done Bonang recently???

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by dan chee, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Gday all, in a few weeks im looking at doing a run down around eden and east vic, have heard that there is a possibilty that the bonang road is now fully sealed?? is this true?? as i would like to do a day run down bonang and back to eden via the cann river... has anybody cover this recently :?

  2. Yep, went down there with about 12 others on the 2nd of Feb. unfortunately it has not been sealed and there is extra road works just out of Dalgety.
    Both dirt section where in good condition then, and we haven’t had too much rain since.
  3. :rofl:
    i know, i know!
    we are getting there!! :LOL:

    by the end of march ;)
  4. The 2 sections of dirt are easy. The southern section is 13km the northern 7km.
  5. anyone done Bonang recently??? :shock:
    Was thinking .. "strange name for a gal "
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Why, funny you should ask, I was just Bonang your mum the other day.
  7. that seems a funny comment to come from a moderater....

    just so you know i find that totally inapropriate as you have no idea about my mother or myself and therfore have no idea how i would react to such a derogroatory comment to my mother, so for that fact so i shall ask you to keep you comments to yourself thank you Loz.
  8. and thank you for the positive input from grey and spin... Cheers :cool:
  9. No WAY dude! Fair game policy! :p
  10. not fair, my comment was valid, as I am the dude that is going to seal the portions of road, that arent currently sealed. because you didnt give me recognition, im not sealing them 'til june now :cool:

    oh, and stop bein a nancy-boy.
    :p :p :p
  11. hey joel, mate late march was too late, ill be down there about the 15th.... but thanks for the effort, and now may we start hanging crap on your mother???
  12. if you want to, she's a good ol' girl. an int3rw3b post about my mother wont make me cry ;)
  13. was just thinking the bonang hwy today dan, especially when i say the twisities 105kms sign in the photos section. :eek:
    i'd be prepared to do 20kms of the brown stuff for that!
  14. well dom im keen for the weekend b4 easter... my mrs will kill me as i will be back from see for two days but so much on this is the weekend to do it i think, friday the 14th til the sunday.. whatdya think??
  15. Dan, this requires further discussion, but sounds :cool: Coffee Monday?
  16. atm ill say hell yeah, getting out of work wont be a problem. ill still need to confirm details for the weekend but, stopovers, timings etc.
  17. well id love to do coffe monday jacab but im back at sea, wont be home til the 12/4, and plan to get away on the 14/4...

    two nights in Eden, anyhos if there is enough interest ill post up in the rides and events... just that it is the same weekend as the honda ride around the roo valley
  18. Dan,
    I'm out.

    The 14 is a Monday, and I am back at work that night.

    I will also be down the Snowy region for the annual rally of the other forum, 10-13April.
  19. ehh dan, 14/4 or the 14/3? weekend before easter is in march no? if ya talking about april im away 4-20 in pucka

  20. nope im talking march 14 its a friday... anyhows ill post up a topic tonight in the rides and events and see whos intersted, also have a connection with the local publican.... hes a bike rider too and has undercover parking for us at his hotel.