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Anyone do the Eastlink bicycle ride?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by donski1, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. I did and it was quite an experience. They think about 30,000km people turned out for it. It was absolutely mega. The organising wasn't the best, which made for a few traffic jams and accidents, but to be fair it would have been a hell event to put together.

    They only used one side of the freeway for the cyclists and the other side for buses to ferry people back and forth. So cyclists were riding up and back. There were 3 rides, a 65km, 30km and a 10km family ride. I was on the 65km and although pretty packed, everyone was setting a fair pace and there was room to overtake. Things got hectic though when the 65km people had completed half the loop and were riding back through the start on the 2nd half of the loop. This was also the time the 30km and the 10km were starting, so the 3 rides merged. There were lycra clad road racers in amongst mums and dads and 5 year olds. It was bedlam for about 1/4 of the distance and the pace was crawling sometimes.
    I rode past a few crashes, although how on earth there weren't more was suprising.

    Still, overall, something different. Good to see the freeway from a different vantage point. Still, if you were after a decent ride, it wasn't the time or place, but made for great people watching.
  2. Yup, was there with Lizzy, Sumbag and me.

    What a day. We completed the 30km loop and people were still starting! What with the 65km riders still coming through, it was a sight!

    The key was to get there early, as the organisers asked. I was in the first 20 on the 30km ride, but that required an early start. Watching the lead pack go past the start of our ride (we were held until the front runners had well and truly gone past) was truly amazing. They were hoofing.

    There were a few of the quick guys coming past us, but everyone was well behaved. I only saw one stack and that was a single guy, blood over face lying in the middle of the road. Organisation at that point was good, everyone knew what to do. But as I said, we were in the lad 30km riders at that point.

    As we got about 1/2 way to Ringwood the front 65km riders were coming back. It looked like a huge mass wave just heading towards us at 50 odd kmh.

    On the way back, we saw some cockhead lazy arse cocks who decided that they didn't want to ride in the big pack of 30km and 65km riders and were riding on the wrong side of the road and then trying to cross. It just wasn't going to happen.

    All up, an excellent day. If 30,000 was the number, it's not surprising the organisation was a little off, they were expecting 10,000.

    About 40km for us, with the ride to an from the start. Did the loop in just on an hour. I was happy with that as I was still running the mtb tyres used for off-road. I should have put the semi's back on, but couldn't be stuffed.
  3. Just been perusing the posts on the Bicycles Victoria forum and one of the volunteers reckons the final number was closer to 40,000. Yikes! :shock:
  4. and did anyone get any good photos of the scamera locations/angles? :p
  5. The Age

  6. Bloody hoons :LOL: Obviously they were speeding on this very dangerous road. If only they had switched on the multitude of 'safety' cameras that they have on this new tollway, all these accidents wouldn't have happened. :roll:

    Isn't that the message they give us? :roll: :LOL: