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Anyone do Lions TT last year ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mick80, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Wondering if anyone did the Lions TT last year ?

    Thinking about heading up and having a look.

  2. I recall speaking to a bloke who did last years, Lions TT ( Time Trial ....not!), which some were comparing it to the IOM TT.
    The Qld Pol, met them at the border and then hounded them. A crash eventually halted the event.
    The bloke l spoke to, wasn't happy about the money he had outlaid compared to the return value.

    It is a great concept, that l'd love to get up and running, beyond that of just a social ride. However, we can not get a bike race happening at Mount Panorama, Bathurst, which has been improved for safety, access and facilities, so l'd doubt we'd ever see a TT event on the Lions road.

    I too am interested if those who rode it last year will be back? Of course local riders probably will, however those that have the time/expense costs may think twice.
  3. That is the situation I am in. Have got a few spare days about that time and would have to ride up from Sydney. I assume while it remains an open road event it won't be a time trial/race, and in this day and age without the history of something like the IOM TT I can't see that happening. Doesn't worry me either way at this stage, just means I'll leave the Firestorm at home and take the cruiser.

    Also interested in heading up for the "festival", go watch the hill climbs and sprints etc and maybe try and drink the pub dry, or give it a red hot go.

    Long way for me to go though if these things aren't running or running well, caught between wanting to support an event like this and not wanting to blow all my hard earned on something not fully cooked.
  4. The Lions Rd is a challenging and fun bit of bitumen and definitely worth riding Personally, I'd ride it any almost any time other than the TT so you don't have the dickhead factor trying to outdo you on the road.

    The rest of the activities around the TT might be worthwhile and there are a lot of nice riding roads in the northern part of NSW that are worth exploring if you are up that way.