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Anyone considered an airbag jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. No I am not tripping. Some one has made an air bag jacket and looks (to me) as though it COULD help with neck injuries.


    At the very least its pretty ineresting.

    I love this safety stuff, makes me wonder why big planes dont all carry some form of parachute, SURELY you can para a Cessna down relatively safely ?

  2. I believe on small aircraft thos things work great.

    On a 747 at hmmmm 140 mph.. (just a guess but that might be within cooee of the speed the things fall out of the sky) I think it would, A) destroy itself and b) destroy the aircraft.
    Still something might be done

    Bring back commercial airships ("The engines have all stopped" Bugger we will be up here all night")
  3. I hope that Australian company's not linked in any way with the one in the US that was trying to develop a similar product. The directors of the US company were convicted on 30 counts of fraud and 5 of tax evasion :shock: (article)
  4. There is already an airbag Jacket available and the bike editor/writer "Bear" wears one and it was featured in a bike mag. Rivet make it.


    And in regards to a Cessna having a parachute there is already a system available for most light/mid aircraft. It is known as a BPS (Ballistic Parachute System). From memory i think they work by having a projectile parachute activate when the plane reaches a certain lean angle.



    Josh :)
  5. I understand one of the big problems with these things is that they are just too slow to inflate. Dainese were trying to develop a better version toghether with these guys http://www.halolab.com. It was supposed to be on the market two years ago, but nothing has come out yet.
  6. Spidi made one of the first versions of these jackets and really had a hard time selling them!
    The retail price was very high and probably never sold more than a few Australia wide. Which was a shame because they were extremely good quality and would have protected a rider very well in the event of an accident.
    However they were bulky, heavy and came with the possibility of accidental inflation due to the rider forgeting about the lanyard being attached to the bike.
    They were (and are) a potentially good idea but offer too many drawbacks to be a viable competitor to quality leather jackets and armour.
    I'm pretty sure you could still order one from your local Spidi dealer, there still was new old stock sitting at the importers when i was there last.
  7. I like the concept. I'll be keeping an eye on this technology and seeing if it goes mainstream....I think the mesh ones would be the go as my concern would be rider comfort in the heat.

    As for inflation speed, surely its on par with car airbags?
  8. I'd be too scared of forgetting to take the chain off the handlebars and it inflating accidently.
  9. there's a safety thing to stop that
  10. I think it has had it's time already, it never got even close to developing a market. Go try on the Spidi and see for yourself! The thing would be as hot as a mofo in anything over 25 degrees!!
    And they don't inflate as fast as car airbags, the lanyard has to be yanked a specific distance before it will do anything, meaning you have to fly away from the bike somehow. :?
  11. I got my own ;)
  12. I think most available products (spidi, rivet, etc) are sourced from hit-air. They take about half a second to fully inflate. That's way too slow. The dainese one is supposed to inflate in 30 milliseconds, but god knows when it becomes available if ever.

    They only inflate if the cord is yanked with above certain force, which is supposed to prevent accidental inflation.

    I actually nearly bought one at the gold coast mc show last year. Another thing that troubled me was that the gas bottle is right at the chest level. I would worry that if you hit something with the chest, the bottle can do a lot of damage. The sales guy said that the hard chest protector that these jackets come with will prevent this, but I am still a bit sceptical.

  13. get your mind out of the gutter! this is a 'mature' forum :p
  14. sounds good, is it affordable?