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Anyone come to Albury last weekend?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bangalla, May 14, 2007.

  1. A couple of cars, each with a pair of sports bikes on a trailer, pulled up near my house in East Albury yesterday morning. Was it anyone here?

  2. I have done some personal investigation on this questions. :)
    I was at work all day Sunday (06:00 to 18:30). I do not own a bike trailer and I do not own a sports bike. I live several hundred klms from Albury. Yep, I am sure it wasn't me :LOL: :LOL: Sorry I could not be more helpful :LOL: (Could not resist: sorry Bangalla)
  3. Pirtek, can anyone confirm your assertions? Do you have any proof that you were at work? Your argument seems flimsy, don't leave town we may want to speak to you further ;)
  4. Whats it to you? :?
  5. May be yes.
    May be no.
    I can neither confirm or deny at this stage that it may or may not have been me and/or some one else until I have concluded a thorough investigation.

    If at the end of the investigation it turns out it was or was not me, I will not be held responsible for any actions I may or may not be accused of wether said actions were or were not actually carried out by me.

    I also reserve the rite to withdraw, deny, or confirm any or all statements made by me, parties acting on my behalf or implying they are acting on my behalf…………………….

    Nope, I it wasn’t me.
  6. There was a hartwell Motorcycle club race on @ Winton - So could have been people coming back from that