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Anyone Caught Riding out of class on L's?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chlowen, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Hey all,

    I am a tall guy, I have ridden bikes all my life but only recently got my L's. I am borrowing a friends 250 which is way too small and underpowered(single cyclinder) I do not feel very safe on this bike. I personally own a Suzuki GS500 - in prep for the new Lams laws. I have read the "Ask police" section and found that a fine of $116 no points will be issued if caught riding the 500. Has anyone been caught on their L's? Was this the exact outcome?


  2. As you said, the fine is the outcome.

    The issue is that you won't be insured (ie. if you hit something/someone expensive you're boned). This has been covered a gillion times.
  3. So the 3rd part insurance included in the rego will not cover another vehicle?


  4. i read somewhere that when lams comes in to vic, only learners obtaining their permit under the lams scheme will be able to ride lams bikes.
    could be just a nasty rumour though.
  5. Correct, so if you write off an average 30 grand car, its coming out of your pocket.
  6. Also, if you are not displaying your "L"Plate, there is an additional fine and points allocated as well.

    Thats why a lot of people who do ride out of restrictions stillshow their plates.

    But the biggest concern is the insurance business.
  7. TAC "3rd party Personal Injury" insurance (the stuff in your rego)
    NEVER covers another vehicle. It will cover injuries/medical for
    people in an accident.

    The 3rd party insurance you might buy seperately from NRMA/RACV
    or Shannons or InsureMyRide or Ebike etc, is called "3rd Party Property"
    and is designed to cover other peoples property like cars/buildings/etc.
    But it doesn't work if you aren't licenced for your bike.

    So if you cause a $100,000 4wd to swerve and
    roll over, or to hit a tree etc, you'll be liable personally to pay for their
    damage. And if they crash into a house, you'll have to pay for that too.

    If you can't pay because you have no money, the court will work out a
    payment plan for the time it takes to pay it off (20 years?). If you don't
    pay the payments, they'll take money direct from your employer
    before you get it paid to you (or out of any unemployment or other
    government benefit).

    Your choice. Wait 2 months until you can get the right licence, or
    risk spending the rest of your adult life paying for someone else's
    luxury car and mortgage...
  8. Thanks for the replys guys, I think common sense will prevail. I will just wait it out ridding the suzuki 250 marauder wherever possible, increasing my desire to ride the GS500.

    Thanks again guys.

  9. Or sell the GS and buy an improved 250, then buy the GS again after your off restrictions.
  10. Restrictions are hopefully changing in 2 months, don't think selling the GS to buy a 250 (that will probably be worth a lot less when laws change) and then selling it again in a couple of months would be a wise financial decision.

    Thanks anyway

  11. I'm trying to find out about this.
    What about people who get non lams "L"'s and Lams "P"'s?

    Lots of unanswered questions.
  12. A GS500 is learner legal here in the ACT.
  13. Or sell the GS and get a decent sized bike when you're off restrictions (i can say that cause I owned one on my Ls - because once you cross the border, you're magically able to handle the ability of the twin 500...stupid state laws)
  14. Total rubbish. :evil:

    What is very probable though is a big increase in the fine and a significant points loss for riding bikes "out of class". Nothing is settled yet though. All that is definite is that LAMS is still on track for July 1st.
  15. :eek:
    you did a nasty emoticon in my general direction.
    i now, must flame you.
    there, you like that? that'll learn you.

    i said it could be a nasty rumour you grumpy old bugger
    :p :p
  16. Nothing personal Joel,
    I am sick of damping down untrue rumours that crop up. :?
  17. I'm sick of people not posting which state they are in when committing offences and get the WRONG advice,
    I'm also sick of the SAME questions about riding out of their class on L's P's etc.
    FFS there is the ASK POLICE bit on the top left of screen! :evil:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.