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Anyone Bought of US Online sites?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bullet21, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Im looking at getting some boots from the US as ive figuerd i can save quite a bit. Anyone had experiance using sites like Newenough, riderdiscount or kneedraggers? if so please tell me what you guys thought of them.

  2. I have bought boots from newenough. No problems whatsoever, would do it again in a flash. Just make sure you know exactly what size you need before ordering.
  3. Riders Discount - fantastic !
    Try a search - this topic has come up heaps of times mate, and recently.
  4. sweet thanks guys, Gaerne Boots here i come. :grin:
  5. Might be worth a look at Amx on dorset road,a few weeks ago they had some sidi boots there on special
  6. i bought a couple items on ridersdiscount. roughly 700 worth of goods. Fantastic support service in sizing and the goods were all good and new.

    My only bone to pick is they wrote on the import claim or whatever that there was $9999 worth of goods. So my package got stuck in customs for a couple days till i called up and raged. then sent my invoice and stuff in proving it's value under $1000. Dude on the phone opened up the package and then recieved the package the very next day.
  7. RidersDisc FTW.

    Standard Shipping from US sites is always slow.
  8. Just wanted to pipe in and give my thumbs up to RidersDiscount as well.

    Excellent customer service and very fast shipping! Don't know if I was just lucky or not but my shipment left last thursday and arrived this morning! :eek:
  9. What's postage like? I order cycling parts from UK instead of US due to cheap postage, not sure about motorcycle gears.
  10. ridersdiscount is flatrate any amount of goods for US$20 to Australia :-O!... i didn't believe it when i first saw it.
  11. It's actually US$25 :)
  12. Lucky you.

    I had to wait for them to ship parts from one of their warehouses on the East Coast over to the West (their Int'l shipping warehouse I think) to then be sent to me. 3 weeks I think, but AAA for service, follow ups, price, quality, range... all that jazz.
  13. Check out - www.motostrano.com - they are in Redwood City, California. Not far from San Fran.

    I have dealt with them for years and have visited them a few times. Good group. When sending email, say hi to Joe and Frank.
  14. ordered the Gaerne boots, i got an email saying it was shipped yesterday, now we just wait.
  15. That's brilliant. I recently enquired about getting a jacket from the UK and they quoted me 60 pounds for postage to Oz!!! Of course I told them to get stuffed.
  16. Bought a pair of Teknic Mercury pants from motosport dot com
    Their prices are listed in AUD as well if you are browsing from Australia, which helps. Was very pleased with the purchase.
    Their total + shipping is calculated up-front before you submit your payment details , so no surprises.

    Also, my bro and I just bought a "Scala-rider Q2 Multiset" (on special now) intercom kit from newenough for $377 in total. (includes $70 shipping) Bargain!
  17. Good info, try leatherup for cheap leather too, friend of mine bought from there and it was quality stuff, but not very exciting designs.
  18. sportbiketrackgear.com

    really good, lots of gear good price, free shipping and you can get body work and exhaust systems.
    and they only sell what they would and have used plus they have full reviews/video reviews of almost everything.
  19. I also recently ordered a jacket through RidersDsicount and they were great.

    I actually ordered the wrong colour and sent it back for return and they shipped a replacement jacket.

    Customer service was great and would most likely get my next order through them.
  20. +1
    Just got my new A* barcelona jacket through these guys. Shipping price is pretty average compared to riders discount, but they have a bunch of savings across a range of things, so managed to get jacket and SP-1 gloves for under $500 shipped to my door. Decided to grab another set of gloves for a friend at last minute, and they sorted that out no problem either.