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Anyone bought from interstate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nUt_rAt, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. About to get a bike from Qld (all going well) and was wondering how others have made the sale?

    - Deposit to drop it at the transport depot with remainder on confirmation that it is in the truck?
    - All up front and hope that they give it over?
    - Only pay when it's on the truck?
    - Other options?

    Anyone bought a bike from Qld? Seems to be a lot of red tape with DoT, including handing in the plates... what's your experience?
  2. I blindly bought a $12k bike interstate. After a lot of consideration of logistics, I;
    Paid for the seller to take the bike for aa roadworthy/condition check at a local bike store. During this check, I gotthe store to email me scans of the rego paperwork (including VIN etc. I checked this VIN against the national system, ensuring no money owed or crashes registered. I then found an interstate motorcycle trucking company, and called them and explained the issue (guy obviously wanted payment before handing over the bike, but I didn't want to send a $12k bank cheque with no recourse. Ended up posting the bank cheque to the trucking company. The trick driver held on to it, and called me one he was at the guys place to pick it up. He read out the VIN if the bike and confirmed the description and condition matched, and confirmed he has the rego paperwork ready. I have permission for him to hand over the cheque, the seller hah need over the paperwork and a week later the bike arrived (Sydney to Adelaide).

    All in all, transport + roadworthy/condition check + bank fees equalled about $500/$600?big gamble, but it was worth it and the risk management options paid offoff. Great seller too, though.
  3. You are in Darwin?
    Fly to the bike and ride it back, or at least fly to inspect and if suited buy it then ride it to transport depot to organise the trip to Darwin.

    Pay my airfare back to Sydney and I'll consider riding it for you.
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  4. Paid the money upfront. It was more or less blind, but it was from a dealer and I did the usual VIN checks, and had a non-rider mate go have a look and give me a rundown on the visual condition.

    This was from VIC, and the dealer de-registered and de-plated the bike before they shipped it (I think they get a credit for any unused rego left over when they hand it in?). Negotiated shipping as part of the price.

    Anyway, biggest hassles for me were on this side of the border, getting a blue-slip for bike that was wearing a race exhaust.

    Personally, I wouldn't go private sale interstate unless I could bribe a Netriderer over to to inspect, test ride and possibly ship it for me. If I did, I'd do what IsolationistIsolationist did with the cheque and delivery company.
  5. Have sold 2 bikes interstate, in both cases I had the buyer pay a 10% deposit and the balance by bank cheque on pickup. I provided all the pics they wanted including copies of registration details, I assume they did their own due diligence. There is always somme risk attached to remote transactions but they happen every day and there has to be a bit of faith.
    It's all about minimising the risk for both parties. With flights as cheap as they are these days, why not go look at the bike, arrange the transport while you are there and fly home. You could do all that in a day and you'd have peace of mind.
    I left the cancellation of registration for a week on both sales to give the buyer time to do the transfers.
    Also see if the seller is prepared to drop a couple of hundred off the price to go towards the transport, if you haven't already.
  6. I've bought several bikes interstate, in every case I've flown up and inspected the bike, paid for the bike and ridden it home. I've mostly used unregistered vehicle permits but once I rode home on the sellers registration.

    I treat it as a good chance to get to know the bike and a couple of days on the road is better than a couple of days at work right :)
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  7. Also, maybe check out MotoRecoveryTransportMotoRecoveryTransport, he's a vendor on here and may have some contacts in QLD.
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  8. Yep, all the checks done, all good. Seller I have spoken to a number of times over the phone - plus the mechanic that gave the bike a look over for me (and is currently doing a service on it).

    Totally agree there are some risks involved, hence this post! :)
  9. Yep, Darwin is home. Certainly considered the fly - ride option, but scratched that due to time, work and family considerations. If it was an expensive bike, a fare in the mix would be worth it.

    Sweet offer, TWEETTWEET, but if anyone's going to ride it to Darwin, it'll be me! :)
  10. Thanks for responses - McsennaMcsenna : I like your thinking; I'll be speaking to the seller again this afternoon and hopefully we will have a deal.

    The next part of the story is getting the bike to me... all the companies I have spoken to can't get the bike to me until late July! Crikeys - that fly/ride option is looking so tempting.

    I might PM MotoRecoveryTransportMotoRecoveryTransport to see if he has any good ideas...

    Thanks again all.