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Anyone bought from fc-moto.de before?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Cr4ig, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    fc-moto in Germany are selling shoei xr-1100's for $500'ish

    I'm in the market for a new shoei lid and resent paying loads more for less choice here in Aus. I know the safety standards are different here but hell, its a Shoei?!! And my current shoei was bought in England with a different safety standards sticker and I've never heard of the cops checking helmets.

    Thoughts please?
  2. Discussed many times before the salient points are:

    Police do check standards stickers.
    Australian delivery helmets are required to pass the Spear point penetration test. Not a requirement in other jurisdictions.
  3. fc-moto:

    just bought some gloves through them recently.

    * best price around.
    * everything arrived in a reasonable time, in top quality.

    * It was a week between when they told UPS they were going to send the parcel and when they gave the parcel to them, so I got all excited about a super-fast delivery only to be disappointed when it took 3 weeks.
    * Their communication if you have questions or concerns sucks.
    * I hope they would pack a helmet better than they packed the gloves. The box they came in (3 pairs) looked like it had been sat on by an elephant, and had someone try to eat their way into it. No biggie with gloves, but I wouldn't want my helmet to arrive in that condition.

    TL/DR I would buy from them again but I'd make sure I ordered exactly what I wanted coz trying to do an exchange / return with them would drive me mad.
  4. Recently got a new jacket and boots from them. I got exactly what I ordered.
    It doesn't seem clear on their website but the super cheap DHL freight is surface mail so will take a long time. I opted for UPS and got my order in a bit less than 3 weeks.
    I have no complaints about their service.
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    Exactly, you might be able to find the same helmet overseas for half the price you can find in Australia - however, if the helmet does not have the correct Australian sticker, it is considered an illegal helmet.

  6. As cjvfr mentioned - done to death....

    That said, I was very tempted when buying my Shoei-XR1100 to go the imported route and save some $$$.......

    Long story short - I bought one locally for $599 with AUS cert in place.
    Sometimes you get lucky I suppose.....RRP on these lids is still close to $800 mark I believe?
  7. I got the same helmet in sydney, not shopping around for $700. Having an illegal helmet is not worth saving 100-200, even if it is the exact same helmet. It's a very good helmet by the way!
  8. I checked that site out for a Suomy helmet I wanted to buy. I would have saved over $350, but decided against it. One ticket and you've lost the money you saved. Also, I didn't want to risk not getting paid on an insurance claim if anything did happen, and for some reason my helmet came into play.

    Just buy it here. Probably not worth the few hundred bucks. Buy the rest of your gear from over seas and save the money on the other stuff.
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  9. Just been trying to buy some sidi boots from this site, however I'm having a problem on checkout.

    When I try and checkout when in AUD currency it changes the order of the boots to negative (eg -$199) then says the minimum order is $80 AUD. I changed the currency to USD but the price went up however I could checkout but not sure where the currency conversion will come in when I pay, so haven't ordered yet.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  10. I bought 1k worth of stuff from fc moto and had no issue.

    You can buy a plain xr 1100 for under 600 in aus
  11. Yeah they've stuffed up their exchange to aus. Just pick euros or usd - whichever has a better exchange rate
  12. Did a survey at Pie in the Sky last weekend on helmet awareness for a honour student who used this helmet as an example of how the same model name helmet can be vastly different in different markets. I'm can't remember what country he was talking about but the XR1100 in another country is nearly 500g more than domestic model suggesting it is constructed using different materials to the one available for our market.

    As magin stated, don't risk it simply to save a few sheqels, the fine for not having the ADR sticker by a cop may more than make up the difference in cost if you get caught (I've had my helmet checked a number of times whilst being breathalysed at a RBT).
  13. Indeed, as the above have stated, just buy from Aus.

    XR-1100 and TZX are both very similar helmets, if you check out sydney city motorcycles they have the TZX starting at around $500 and the XR-1100 around $580.

    I got team moto in Brisbane to price match, but then team moto had the XR-1100 el capitan for sale at $650 so I bought that instead.
  14. Thats a good price on the el capitan, that was in my top 3 too. Ended up getting a Shark Speed-R from Sydney City.
    Where do you get your Monster serviced? I know theres the huge choice of 2 dealers so which and why??
  15. The previous owner got it serviced at ducati Brisbane, and i know speedy motorcycles at sumner park does a lot of work on ducatis too with fixed price services.

    I've done everything myself so far though so i can't comment.
  16. Teammoto price match?
  17. Is this a UNSW civil engineering student by any chance? I was cornered at the motorbike parking and filled out a survey for him
  18. I'm about to place an order with FC and thought I'd share a few things after ordering from them a couple of times.

    You may want to use UPS Australia instead of DHL when placing orders
    • DHL may be cheaper but will probably take like 4 weeks to arrive
    • UPS is 7 to 9 days

    UPS Australia delivery comes up as $79, even for a single item and it may not be worth it, however with multiple items, it's still $79, so load up your order for bigger savings!

    Apparently FC has crap customer service, so ensure you know what you are buying before placing your order, and obviously returns or exchanges will probably be a nightmare.

    Take 19% off the shown price, as Aussies do not have to pay VAT.

    I have found most of their pricing shown to be either lower or the same (once in awhile there may be something $5 or $10 more) as other sites, but once you discount the VAT, you end up paying a lot less and the more you buy, the more you save! :D

    This is why FC Moto comes out to be the cheapest site, even when comparing to the U.S, and probably one of the best online retailers for your motorcycle gear!
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