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Anyone bored?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Kryt, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Finaly got my bike, anyone around Liverpool wanna meet up for some L's riding today/this afternoon. i just wanna ridddeee hahah

  2. Want to head up the Old pac? If you haven't left.
    I'm on my L's too so I wont be going fast
  3. busy today, but i admire your enthusiasm
  4. Heading up there now, if you see a yellow Hornet, wave!
  5. Lol just ended up jumping on bike and goining for a cruise down heathcote road
  6. How'd it go?
  7. ****in awsome :p
  8. you near liverpool?
  9. Nope I'm up on the Northern beaches :( You're quite far away from me haha
  10. If your up for a ride thursday night me n another member are going to do a ride around the city if your interested let me know
  11. you guys so far away.
  12. your on a bike, further the better
  13. well said
  14. I agree the futher the better
    Anyways i wasnt sugesting you ride all the way to windsor lol
    It will be quite a lnog ride over a few hours so might be a bit much but as i said let me know if your keen