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Anyone been to Hawaii?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by out_of_order, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Is it a good place for a honeymoon?
    ie: Cheap or expensive?
    Boring or Fun?


    Is Asia a better place: ie Vietnam or Thailand.

    I'm just asking because i don't have much $$$ but i would like to relax when i get there.

    any suggestions?

  2. Been there heaps, but I was mainly working. Had a few days off here and there. I have only been to Oahu island(Honolulu), I haven't been to Maui, Kauai or the big island. Oahu, with Honolulu, Waikiki and Waimeai Bay can be very busy. Huge shopping centres, huge freeways and suburbia surround Waikiki. Still absolutely gorgeous though around the rest of the island. The mountain range along the east side of the island is incredible.

    I know a few people who have been to Maui for a holiday and they say it is phenomenal. Bit expensive but worth it. The Big Island(the actual Hawaii island) is less busy and more traditional, and that is where the volcano is. Not to mention it is basically a big dome that rises out of the water with a peak that reaches half as high again as Mt Kosciuszko.

    Haven't heard much about Kauai island as it isn't as easy to get to and is much less developed. I have flown around it and it is spectacular. They film movies like Jurassic Park and Seven Days, Seven Nights there.

    Hard to compare to Asia as they are totally different. Much of Hawaii is typical suburban America. You would be hard pressed to see anything similar in Asia. Which is also a good thing. I have been all over Asia as well and while I love Hawaii, Asia is just as good. It is like being a Holden V8 enthusiast and a die-hard R1 fan. Totally different beasts and each have their own uses.
  3. ahh damn it soo hard to chose.

    Well i've been to Asia (Vietnam) about 3 times now. All of which left a great feeling. But Hawaii is sounds like such a nice place, my only fear though is that it might be a lil bit expensive. (bring out that credit card debt) :p
  4. Compared to some things in Asia, it will cost a fortune in Hawaii eg. meal in a Hawaii restaurant for two - $60US, same meal in a dodgy Asian roadside eatery(food just as good if not better) - $5US. Same for most other normal travel expenses. Taxis are as equivalent to Australia once you dot he currency conversion. Shopping can be good in Hawaii when compared to Australian prices and depending on where you go but nowhere near as good as Asia.
  5. So go to Thailand. can recommend a little island called "koh samed". not sure if they have any honeymoon suites etc, but definitely have less tourists and street vendors (beggars)

    Not too far from Bangkok, so you can still get your cheap shopping fix and not have to take a connecting flight to the south or a 9 hour train ride. :grin:

  6. If you want more bang for ya buck :shock: (excuse the pun) New Zealand is the place to go .. they offer some great holiday packages, including self drive campers and you could even hire a bike for a good price for a day or two....
  7. Have to agree with that.

    But, Love Hawaii, been a few times, including for my honeymoon. Stayed at Honolulu and Kona(on the big Island) which is what i would recommend you do. Honolulu is nice and busy and touristy,(sure you can and will spend $60usd on a meal for two, but you can always get Macca's which is cheap as usual) and then go to Kona for a few days where it's layed back, peaceful, and you can go on helicopter rides over the active volcano which is just amazing. We then went back to honolulu for a couple more days before heading home. Glorious holiday!
  8. I had my commitment ceremony on Maui a few years back (when the dollar hit 49c!) and honestly, probably one of the most amazing places I've been, particularly on the south side of the island where it's not all about being a tourist - more just about relaxing. Spent one week in Kihei on Maui and one week back at Honolulu before flying out. Honolulu is a whole nother world for touristy. It's really the place to go for the tourist factor.

    On the whole, depending what you wanna do, Hawaii is pretty expensive, but you *will* remember it for a long time. If you choose to go there, book as much as you can from Australia because it will be at least half the price it would be if you booked it when you got there (e.g. island tours, snorkelling trips etc). Only real downside is what the dollar's worth at the time because they charge about the same for everything as you'd expect to pay here .. just in US dollars + tips ;) Recommend the Qantas Circle Island Tour if they still have it!

    On the topic of NZ ..

    I've also been to NZ and that probably rivalled Hawaii but in a less touristy kinda way I guess. Good dollar value, so meals and accommodation don't dig so far into your hip pocket. It is kinda like going on holidays in an exotic part of Australia though because so many things are so similar. Definitely recommend making the most of any time in NZ because of that. Make the time to see and do as much as you can so it feels like you're not in Australia ;) Recommend ATV rides near Taupo!

    Can't comment on Asia yet, sorry :)
  9. ok i finally booked the vacation.
    my Wife to be and i will stop by Sydney for a few nights before we fly over to Honululu for one week then we will travel to Maui for a week also. I think i've made the right choice.

    Thanks for all the advice.
  10. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and we loved it.
    Honolulu was nice to do the shopping and touristy stuff but the real Hawaii is away from the tourist places.
    We went to Maui and also to the big Island of Hawaii, to visit the volcanoes national park.
    Nothing beats seeing molten lava flowing into the ocean.
    On Maui there is a long winding road that goes for hours and is supposeldy better than the GOR.
    Well worth a drive/ride for those who want to go there.
  11. I was in Hawaii two years ago.

    It was an awful, awful, awful place. Possibly the worst place in the world I've ever been to. The beaches are sub-standard, the costs inflated and the joint has more japs in it than Tokyo.

    If you really MUST go... try Mauii. Stay well away from Waikiki. I'm still having nightmares about that place today. The whole joint is completely tourist-orientated and depressing. People don't live there - they exist, feeding off tourists.