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Anyone been nearly taken out by someone they work with?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Greydog, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. So starting to head for home. At work, I park in the carpark b/c there's shade there, and be damned if I'm going to put her in the sun just so some dick who's late for work gets a space...

    Anyway, I digress. So I pull out of the carpark. It's a left hander into the side street, which also has 90degree carparking on it. Visibility along the street is good, so anyone can see me coming out of the carpark if they look. I'm tootling gently up the road, getting ready to slow for the intersection and some arsehat from our building in a Ford Terror Story reverses out of the car spot without looking. I'm always watching for that shit, so I was ready, but he copped a blast of the horn anyway for being so close.

    Felt like sending a communal email around telling everyone to open their damn eyes, but I'd get into trouble.
  2. fark em, send the email!! those 4wd wankers
  3. Nah, I already created a stink today by sending one about keeping the kitchens tidy. The MD of the company is coming tomorrow and Friday for a meeting, and if there's a thing out of place, I'll get a kick in the arse. I had permission to send today's, but that doesn't stop people sinking the boot in..

    ETA: And I've got to get up at 4am to go and set everything up; then I get the honour of being their slave for two days. Better go to bed.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if Mr Territiory remembers the incident and thinks you were in the wrong. It wouldn't surprise me if he's told the story to a number of people, about how you were howling around on the bike at 100 mph in the carpark. It wouldn't surprise me that if you utter one peep about it, your workmates will agree that you must have been in the wrong - because haven't they heard this story already, about how you nearly put a dent in the side of Mr Jenkins' Territory? Don't you know how much those Territory's cost? And what about his perfect no claim bonus - are you going to reimburse him for that? I didn't think so!

    The time to call him a tool was the day it happened. Don't bring it up now.
  5. Firstly good riding, anticipation is king.

    Not sure why you're getting upset though. Its just normal to not see bikes. I wouldnt bother trying to teach a pig to sing, it just annoys the pig and frustrates you. Something like that.
  6. Louder pipes are clearly needed.

    Send one of those netsend command prompts.
  7. G'day everyone,...

    You could leave a white stick and dark glass's under his wiper,....?

    Good to hear you avoided it ok,...

    Dr Who?
  8. HOON!!! ;)

    Dont stress greydog whether they work with you or not, once they are inside that cage they enter their own little world, hence, bugger everyone else
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  9. ....I've posted this before somewhere on here.. but I nearly backed into a lady on a bike in my local shopping centre car park. I was shocked... I always check and even double check before reversing out... but I never saw her.

    Ibast posted something which explained blind spots... it was very sobering..
  10. 1st, most territories are 2wd waggons, not 4WDs :) Even the ones that are barely desearve the name.

    2ndly, if someone hits you, you are just as injured if they were a random, your mate, workmate or mother.

    If it were me, i'd mention it to the OH&S officer who might make mention of it or something, and then wack a 'look left, look right, look bike' sticker in the centreof their rear window for a laugh.
  11. raise a near miss incident report with your worksafe rep
  12. I nearly got taken out by my neighbour reversing out of his driveway, I tell you, smashing on the brakes on a dirt road is not fun when you actually want to stop! He made up for it with passion-fruits, Top bloke that neighbour!
  13. Idiot from work nearly rear ended me in the company carpark....he got fired:cool:

    wife undertook me today in here car almost taking me out.....well she had to put out didn't she :p
  14. Had one guy pissed off enough with me after i gave him an ear bashing at work for being a retard try and wipe me out on the bike as i left work one afternoon last year. Next day i punched him in the head and dropped him like a sack of crap. My boss is also a motorcyclist and saw the whole thing the day before, and that morning, and shook my hand (which was sore).

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  15. Yes. 3 years a bloke I work with changed lanes without looking and nearly ran me over. I know he didn't look because I was level with his drivers window at the time.

    The next day I offered to pillion him around town on Saturday morning. He agreed. He now understands that error of his ways and admits that he takes more notice of what is going on around him.

    Even so I'll often remind him of that incident, particularly if he starts talking about how good a driver he is.
  16. Yes, there was this one girl kept asking me out...

  17. You have a workplace stalker too???
  18. Nice work mate! That's a hell of a boss you've got their!
  19. Reversing a car out of a spot is one of the hardest things that drivers F up on a regular occasion. This sort of thing happens pretty regularly to me in any carpark. Just give em a toot and be done with it, can't really change their behavior with an email. Just always ride through car parks looking for taillights and heads in cars and expect every vehicle to jump out at you in any instance.
  20. One of the old ladies at work nearly wiped me out with a lane change a while back. It was the classic situation of rolling up to a set of lights with a long line of traffic in the left lane and a much shorter line of traffic in the right lane. I've been riding long enough to expect cars to dive into the shorter line of traffic without warning so I was ready for it, and sure enough she did the "no headcheck no indicator" swerve. No real drama for me, but she was mortified by her behaviour, she apologised every time she saw me for months after that!