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Anyone been chased by one of these?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So bumble bee has a new paint job and shrunk down to a 1:18 scale....lol
  2. ...with subwoovers and shiz
  3. Too low to the ground, Makes it unroadworthy,
    Whos been booked for Having a car too low,
  4. ...Honey I shrank the cops!!.... 8-[
  5. were you looking vicroads up on ebay, chef?
  6. Vicpol my friend, was looking to see if any second hand guns or tazers were listed.

    Plus I'm also looking for a badge and a uniform if anybody has one.
  7. The coolest dude in our teenage group of delinquents was called "Sarge", because he somehow obtained an old VicPol trenchie that still had the chevrons on it.
    Several times I witnessed him being harrassed on a Saturday evening over it, despite the fact this was Hobart in the 80's...
  8. just what every kid wants... VicRoads car!! (W(ho)TF thought that would be a good idea?)
  9. Heh heh heh.....

    actually I want some Vicpol cars, Vicroad cars and some motorcycles. I think I'd like to do a little stop motion animation ;)
  10. finally a vicroads car lower than my'n :bolt:
  11. Crush it with a house brick?
  12. I think the DOOF DOOF speakers on the parcel shelf are a particularly nice detail as well. Vicroad's officers need to be banging out to some metal on the highways.

  13. Always take it on your bike with you. If you ever get pulled over, take it out and say you need to get it to your son for his birthday before you miss him. Not only will he not give you a ticket, he will give you a flashing sirens escort all the way home.
  14. That's why i want a badge and a uniform. Authenticity.
  15. Apparently a "crushed" coke can isnt acceptable.......8-[

    He didnt specify "how" the can should be :demon:
  16. LMAO. I think the idea is to raise your car before placing the coke can...


    ...so park it on something first. Like another car, a pedestrian, or the officers foot if he's wearing steal caps.
  17. ](*,)umm yup, sort of what his little ticket :deal: said too, :cheeky:

    Mr "justoutofpoliceschool" had no sense of humour :D
  18. No but I came damn close to being pinged by a full size version, DR650 brakes ftw.

    ...what the hell are you planning on doing? Sounds interesting :D