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anyone against the proposed internet filters please jump in

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by awseome, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, being the IT nerd that i am, it absolutely disgusts me to hear about how the goverment is going ahead with the filters. i have let my concern known to the idiot who is pushing this hard. if anyone of you are concerned with this. could just visit the following url and vent your displeasure as well.


  2. Mongrels - the lot of 'em!
  3. I shall write a letter to that f*cktard, Conroy tonight.

    And another to my local member.

    Neither will be polite, but they will be clear.
  4. censorship #$#@$@# {is awesome}

    i think the censors can go #$#@$#$@#$@#$#$@$ {be awesome}

    #$@#$#@$@#$@ {you're awesome} mr rudd

    i would $%@$%$#%@#$% {love you to keep taking my personal choices and feedom away for the good of the nation} ##$@#$ right wing beige wowsers {of awesome}
  5. I like porno.

    I will not stand for this.
  6. ummm.. there are ways and means to avoid the filtersss :cool:
  7. I, for one, welcome our oppressive eBook-burning dictatorship regime.
  8. So instead of jews, who will conroy target?

    This compulsory 'illegal-material' filter is disgusting as it is clearly associated with enforcing some other agenda (staunching dissent maybe). Any kind of filter will be misused by the government and influenced by lobbying groups.

    I'm sure a web filter would be used to block politically incorrect or sensitive websites. I wouldn't be surprised if the anti-piracy lobby attempts to have bitorrent trackers blocked.

    A web filter simply has too many potentially nefarious and anti-democratic applications. This cannot go ahead.
  9. Actually, I was thinking of every regime that's attempted mass-censorship in the past, not specifically that one.

    But if I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know.
  10. I've already written to them. Apart from the principle, there are several issues...

    Back in my TAFE IT manager days we installed a filter for a trial. We found a couple of things. Firstly we had a complaint from one of the staff asking why he couldn't access his football teams home page. He was a Yorkshireman from S*c*u*n*thorpe. (this nanny software filters it out as well :roll: )

    Secondly we caught a student red-handed downloading very nasty stuff to do with children - which the filter had failed to block.
  11. and while you're fulminating about the limiting of your freedom over here, Krudd and his cronies are doing twenty worse things over there....
  12. True - sucking up to Family First for a start... :p
  13. The day I cannot access copious amounts of hardcore pornography for free on my computer will be a sad day indeed.

    Best start stockpiling
  14. What do they want to filter (officially)? F#$ken rediculous! Scary stuff!
  15. All the good stuff!
  16. Its pandering to the Religious right like that family first nutter.
    Slower Internet for all and ineffective filtering for those they are trying to stop. The Kiddyporn brigade will be using proxying services 30 minutes after this filtering system is setup.

    Damaging to our competitiveness and fundamentally ineffectual. Sounds like Canberra all over. Both sides of politics can hang their heads in shame over this one. The Shadow Minister doesn't even seem to understand the problems and the Minister and his department are bullying any dissent.

    I say we start the coup, citizens, every politician in the tumbrel To the Guillotine Mon Amis! :p
  17. will somebody please think of the children !!!!!

    ps how are computer illiterate 16 yr old kids supposed to get hold of hardcore pornography now??
  18. The nerd's shall inherit the earth, and all the subsequent p0rn.
  19. It won't filter FTP, P2P or HTTPS, so the nerds will still be able to get their pr0n.

    I'm more concerned about what will be deemed "illegal" content......
  20. hahahah

    we are the nights who say ni,

    ni ni ni