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Anyone after a rear bike stand , in SYDNEY ? Mates got a few left over cheap as chips

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by bennjamin, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. hey all

    just picked up a rear bike stand from a ebay seller for a cheap $65.00 pick up.
    Black , swingarm or bobbin-style available - same thing as any other ive see in MCAs or whatnot. Quality is fine fasterners are strong should last as long as any other.

    anyway , the guy has a few left over so if you are after one for track work or DIY servicing etc why not give him a buzz. He is located in Hurstville , Sydney.

    give him a call on 0410 867 728

    Tell him Ben sent ya !

  2. Is he your mate or did you buy it on eBay? Or both?
  3. neither actually....
    He is a guy who is a ebay seller , i contacted to try out before buying so we met up , tried and bought it.

    Just a heads up to help him out and help everyone here out :)
  4. If they are those crappy chinese made ones I suggest you dont make your stupidity someone elses!

    Everything chinese that has been made for a bike just fails.....

    Tyre warmers.... FAIL!!
    RaceStands..... FAIL!!
    Fairings..... FAIL!!!

    Oh and before you say "what would I know"

    Come and spend a few months at the track listening to people whinge about warmers catching fire, fairings not fitting properly and stands not holding position....

    P.S By your own omission you don't know the guy, yet you refer to him as "mate" and endorse his product.. yeah champ, put me down for 7!!!
  5. a "mate" of mine uses this as part of his catchline for his business!

    "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten."
  6. or they could actually work as they were supposed to and someone is legitimately pointing out a good deal.

    Nah, scrap that. Can't be true.

    P.S. This is Australia. Talking to someone for 5 min makes them a mate.
  7. If he has made them himself (invested in RD) and is doing this to grab attention hence the looooow price, that's fair enough! plug ya business son!

    But if they are the chinky ones, then enjoy it while it lasts! Cause it wont!!

    For example; a fella at the track had his tyre warmers catch fire the other week and burnt his tyres ($800) just rendered useless because he thought cheap chinese tyre warmers were just as good as the others!!! WRONG!!

    again, I'll take 7!
  8. Guys I understand what you are implying , but it's the way you say it that make you look like dicks.

    No need to shoot me down !

    Mods remove this if it's deemed " Chinese "
  9. You say you didn't deserve the grilling yet you make statements like that???

    Last time I checked the blokes I know who make (solid) stands do so in Australia!! Don't mind me I have not done "research" like you though!!

    As for troll... trust me, the less time I'm on hear reading dribble like yours the better!
  10. out of curiosity, what is the brand?
  11. Wow. Someone got the wrong thing from a chinese hooker.
  12. try reading again el retardo!

    So, if you lot stopped buying cheap chinese shit and whinging about it, I wouldn't be whinging now...
  13. Wow,this thread turned to shit. I was just pointing out the discrepancies in his story, & if he had some commercial interest, well, it would be nice to disclose that.
  14. The guy offered an opinion based on his understanding. Yours is different. Get used to it. This carry-on really has you looking like a first class d!ckhead.
  15. tyre warmers are tyre warmers and stands are stands. I haven't heard of anyone burning their tyres because of a bodgy stand. You can make your own stand out of two bricks and a piece of wood. My stand is one of the chinky ones and best part of 18 months on will still hold up the bike with no sign of collapse yet.

    :rofl: at ibast.
  16. Says he who introduces a chinese hooker to the equation!

    Look, being a ******** and wrong is hard to swallow. However, being a ******** and right... well that I can live..
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