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Anyone after a good Slapper? Sorry, Tank Protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by NovaCoder, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Looks like a good idea if you want to use a tank-bag.......... Slapper

  2. yeah,,great idea....

    i used to use tank bag,,i found that it created little scratches....

    good too where your knees rub on the tank when riding....
  3. I've got one of those already......a real biatch to put on but it does its job beautifully once installed. 30 seconds install per sheet my arse!!! Try 30 minutes each.

    Just a word or warning, make sure you download the installation instructions from the website since there isn't any in the package. Don't just assume that you simply stick it on, there is a bit of a process involved.

    I'd also advise that you remove any stickers on the tank (i.e. warning stickers for minimim Fuel RON levels) because going over the top of them don't work well.

    Also make absolutely sure you have got all the gunk from your last tank protector because it leaves a dark mark under the tank slapper otherwise. And follow the cleaning instructions to the letter to get the best results.

    I've been getting mine (2 attempts one without and one with the instructions) from Doin' Bikes, which is the Phil Taiton of Sydney.
  4. Matt,

    Sounds like a good idea then :)

    One thing I was wondering though, how easy is it to get the buggers off again (ie for when you're selling your bike)?
  5. They aren't stuck on there with glue, I think its a kind of static and vacumn effect that keeps it in place, so you can safely pull them off in a mater of seconds without leaving any residue like that other protectors that leave glue all over the place.

    So in the case of removing to sell you bike they are ideal.
  6. So, all in all Matt, are you happy with it?
  7. wow, they look really good, would love to get a set but doin bikes don't list triumph on their site, unless i couldn't find them :(
  8. They don't have mine listed either. Just sent them an email to ask.

    Was lookin for a carbon fibre job with no luck, but think I like these better.
  9. Yep...but if you do a better job of putting it on than I did you'll love it. Its almost like contacting your bike (remember contacting all your school books at the start of the year?) and you can get extra kits to cover pretty much all of the fairings, front, back, middle, upper and lower.

    At this stage I've only got the tank section on but I would mind just behind the seat where I sometimes scrape my boots getting on and off the bike in tight spots and with the ventura bag on.
  10. I used to be quite good at this trick before some bright spark suggest standing on the foot-peg (left-foot on the left-side peg) with the side-stand down to 'mount' the bike, now I have no probs getting on and off with the Ventura on the back.
  11. yer getting better here too but I SQEESE my bike into a garage both at home and at work and sometimes there just isn't room to bring my foot up along the wall or car without hitting something. Its the solid objects that are my problem not the height I can swing my leg over. :twisted: :LOL:
  12. Ah thank the lord for long legs that I can throw over just about anything!