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Anyone a Building Engineer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Archer, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    We've been going round in circles with our builder, draftsman, and surveyor and I'm only trying to workout where I can place a new slab.... I'm wanting to build as close as I can to it, without having to adjust the slab design to make it deeper than the stock footings.

    We have an easement 1.83m from the rear boundary, according to the attachment below. is there anything on here that tells me how deep it is?

    drainage plan.

    Anything at this stage is good, I'm about ready to pack it in with these guys and sell the lot.. I'd much rather not have to start again given the money already spent...


  2. Your not clear on your problem , im a sales consultant not an engineer.

    Do you simply want to know how close you can build to the easement ?
    If so right up to the dotted line on your plans for a new dwelling
  3. I usually put my slab in the fridge
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  4. Well not all of it greg
  5. nah I suppose I drink half of it on the way home
  6. On ya bike ? Fkn clever dat
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  9. Kentucky fried for the win
  10. pretty much sums up the question.

    Apparently not as simple as 'up to the dotted line' ..... hence the question.
  11. could be for sewer mains gas or some thing else
    don't think it matters how deep it is
    you shouldn't build over it especially put a slab on it
  12. I'm not planning on building on/ over it, only as close as I can up to it.... IE: it's a BIG shed and needs to be set as far back in the yard as I can get it.
  13. have you applied for a building permit?
  14. Would have thought local council would have a fcuk load of specs on this matter.
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  15. most councils wont allow you to build on the boundary anyway
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  16. #16 Archer, Jun 16, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 17, 2015
    This is where it's getting stuck, the surveyor wants something specific from the shed designer/company, but won't speak with them, the shed company and builder have both discussed it at length and have no issues with what's been put forward.... thus I figured I'd just move it back toward the front of the property to save the fcukaround of the back and forth messenger boy sht.
    You would think so.... I think this is all I was able to get that was of any real use... the other docs were just tie in sections..

    The easement is 1.83m from the boundary, inside the boundary, I'm looking to build before the easement, no where near the boundary.... but yes, you are correct.. they won't.
  17. I would say that you can build up to the easement but im not an expert
    the easement would take into account the amount of room to do any works if needed
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  18. This can be very important and save you lots of coin.
  19. I think (will have to go out and measure ..... AGAIN!) I'm alright to have it 2.5m from the boundary, anything further and I'd need to rethink the layout of the 'planned' reno's to the yard.

    I did try and get the above clarified with the draftsman, which is where it went cold.... and then started the cycle of 'I'm not telling unless you bend the fabric of space'.. BS.....
  20. prolly up to Archer to supply the surveyer with the shed plans then the surveyer takes it from there