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anyone 4 Eastern Crk Superbike Schl Lvl 1 this FRI 24th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by papermate, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. hi all. ive been riding for about 2 years, and rate myself as fair. but riding with some poeple couple of weeks ago, i realise there is fair room for improvement.

    this FRIDAY 24th, im going to book in for Level 1 Superbike School at eastern creek. im going to call tomorrow or thursday to book, pending if the weather stays dry.

    i live in quakers hill, ride a zx6r so if anyone is interested in doing the same, please feel free to post or PM me.

    thanks ben.

  2. Did level 1 some years ago on my 6r and I learnt heaps. Have fun :grin:
  3. I'll be out there tomorrow Ben. You'll enjoy L1 :)
  4. Had a ball - how'd you all go? :)
  5. you know i was about to book it but the weather was looking dodgey so i thought id hold off another day.

    i work at a 5 star hotel in the city and 2 days before i saw a guy walking in with a Malbaro Racing Suite. I went up to him and asked what he rides. He told me a desmondicsi...i went wow. He was fitting a suit for someone staying at the hotel, and they were all part of Supercarclub.com.au or something.

    when i told him i was about to do a superbike day school he said, yeah he would be out there on friday too, and gave me his business card.

    i thought ...ooh no...and i rushed to the computer to book online and guess what.... sOLD out!!.. waiting list only. missed out and im kicking myself for it.
  6. There were three Desmo RRs out there, and at least one of them may as well have paid for a track day instead 'cause he wasn't doing the drills at all. Weather couldn't have been better.