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Anybody work FIFO

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rat man407, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Anybody else work fifo how do you handle not being able to ride for 3-8 weeks at a time

  2. I've done it. It's easy. The compensation is that when you do get to ride you can do it on nice roads when they're not swarmed by weekend wobblers.
  3. yeah but the problem finding is that i only get one week off and it not long enought to do any good riding and my main meatod of stress releive is riding my bike
  4. Before I started riding I used to play a suitably violent video game to unwind after work. Riding has replaced that. If I couldn't ride I'd find an engaging FPS and whop some ass.
  5. Because once you're older than 18 you realise that forgoing something for 3-8 weeks is not actually one of the seven seals.

    I have full confidence you will pull through.
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  6. My job is RIRO (when I have a bike)....
  7. Its easy, you just get into the groove and dont think about it.
    Its getting back on the bike after that break that messes you up!

    The ride you would most miss when you are away is your partner :p.
  8. i'm single so that part don't worry me i have noticed that after 3 weeks of not riding my skill aren't as good as there normal are witch will make this next R&R as i'm going to try and go for my p's again
  9. Get two bikes
  10. How is that going to help?
  11. I'm a DIDO worker but not away from home for as long as you and I work an equal time roster.
    My main problem isn't bike skills because I'm not away from it long enough. 5 days max.

    After 7 years of this working in a diffeent place to where I live and living in a mining camp, I'm just sick of being away from my family for 6 months of the year.
  12. i work 21-7 atm but i was thinking of going to 10-4 but it would be pointless for me becaause of travel to get here i drive 2 hours to brisbane get on a plane for an hour or so then have a 3 hour bus ride to site i would go nuts doing that ever 10 days
  13. Bike at home
    Bike at work
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    And no time or place to ride it.
    I don't think you have any concept of what FIFO lifestyle is like.
    We don't do 8 hour days.
    I do 12.25 a day so that means start and finish in the dark. There's no way you'd catch me on a bike without daylight around here. Too many stray scrubby bulls, 7 foot tall eastern Grey's and drop bears to run into not to mention the road conditions in rural QLD.
  15. Possession of a private motor vehicle on site has been prohibited on all the FIFO sites I've been on. Smuggling one in and out would be pretty near impossible on a repeated basis. I suppose you could keep one off site but the question arises of where.
  16. Yeah what the 2 guys above me said plus the amount of roos emus and cattle out here are thought the roof so there defferntly no riding in the dark i tryed it on a push bike and almost got killed 2 times in about an hour ride
  17. No idea as I am trying to get into the resource industry.

    Still no luck but I will keep applying. I am looking at being able to ride when others are at work.
  18. what are you trying to get in as if i hear of anything going i would be happy to pass it on ?
  19. Correct me if im wrong but why cant you ride in the 7 days you have off? firstly you live in an area blessed with some of the best and most plentiful albeit sometimes poor surface quality roads in NSW, so getting out for short fun trips should be easy as piss. Even then, you could do some huge trips in 7 days, even in a 3 day trip i will knock out 1600-2000+ kms, thats more then enough of a ride to give you some good memories for 21 days stuck in a dark hole.
  20. Decide what's important in life and go from there? We're only on this planet once, so if you're not happy, why not change careers? You look to be a young pup with a whole lifetime ahead of ya. If riding is important, find a job that accommodates your passion. If money and material things are more important than happiness and enjoyment, stay where you are and suck it up.

    A simple life = simple choices mate.