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Anybody we know?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Article taken from todays Heraldsun:

    Bike rider a moving traffic hazard


    ANYONE who ever gets out in the world has probably got a story of road rage they've either seen or been a victim of.

    Not so common, though, is motorcycle rage.

    But the moustached bloke in the Honda jacket riding the silver scoot along Bridge Rd really needs to take a good look at himself.

    This bloke's a real pest out there on the roads. He was busily hurling abuse at any car driver who happened to cross his path as he rode along, only one-handed.

    That's because he was too busy waving his fist at motorists to have both hands on the handlebars.

    His anger at the rest of the world came to a peak a few seconds after he'd ridden straight through people getting on and off the stationary tram at the tram stop near Melbourne Girls' College.

    Guess he didn't notice the pedestrians, the stop signs on the tram doors, or the fact that all those nasty car drivers he was so busy yelling at had done the right thing and stopped.

    Bloody idiot.
  2. what a real legend he is. Bloody sounds like a complete lunatic to me..
  3. what an idiot i was wearing my dainese jacket that day not my honda one :p
  4. So was that a scooter rider with a Honda jacket?
    Or just a bad way of describing a motorbike; 'silver scoot' ?