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Anybody thinking of running the Oxley?.....DONT!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rogues, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. RTA have been doing resurfacing up there for over a week........currently starts East of the 'mountain lights' and goes up past Gingers....

    It is currently one of the worst surfaces for bikes many people have seen:mad: ...... their idea of resurfacing is to spray watered down tar, throw gravel on it and roll it..........and maybe sweep the majority off.

    We now have tar melting as early as 9.30 in the morning, tar covered loose gravel in corners and on the riding line......because its black with tar its virtually impossible to see, especially in and out of shadows[-(

    On top of that we have roadworks at the bottom, resurfacing in the middle, the lights up top plus a poor surface...........forget the Oxley for a while people.

  2. Well, that's a bummer. It's not to say that it didn't need DOING; that bottom section has been very badly chopped up for over ayear now, but thanks for "heads-up" anyway.
  3. that really sux - was gunna visit relo's in wauchope but i dont think ill bother now lol
    edit: agree the bottom section was getting pretty smashed by trucks but the rest was pretty ok wasnt it? Aint ridden it recently - did about 6months ago and they had traffic lights at the top then also - God help us if they are still in the same place they were 6months ago....work maybe slow lols
  4. You are correct. Once you got past the "open" section that skirts along the cliff face, the rest of the track was reasonably good quality hot mix. The traffic lights in the middle were there because they are trying to stabilise the side of the road where some considerable slippage has been taking place for some time. I don't know how long that sort of work should take but I do know that, when they carried out similar remedial work on the Brown Mountain west of Bega, a few years ago, it took well over 12 months to complete.
  5. ouch! Oh well, I guess it gives my mate a chance to catch up like last time lol
  6. will be only temporary, gives the cars a chance to compact it a bit till the good stuff comes
  7. I hope so. The NSW system is usually to cover with rough-cast first and then hot mix over the top of that, so hopefully that will happen on the Oxley as well.
  8. ....filter through at the lights lols....brilliant!
  9. Was up there last a few months ago, Garry from Gingers was under the impression the whole thing would be resurfaced by the end of the year. They've been doing roadworks on it for months and months on and off. They're usually pretty good with signing any loose gravel up there, after too many attempts to sue due to lacking surface quality causing people to come off (apparently).

    I've got a youtube clip that gives an idea of surface quality as of about 2 months ago, I'll link it up when I get home.
  10. Always do that....makes for a clear road when the light goes green.
  11. and waiting there for a bit ensures a gap infront also :) hell maybe the lights are a good thinglols
  12. That too...(y)
  13. Sorry, but I gotta say it. "Prawns" and you come from Port Stephens....that is so funny...
  14. Dont really expect any change as far as the lights go guys.......been that way for 2 years so far.....my understanding is that there is a dispute between RTA and national Parks as to how to get rid of the broken road....RTA wanna push it down the gully into the bush and NP says "No way"
    Last I heard RTA advises they are only resurfacing to 15k's below Gingers as they have run out of funds.......so I worry just what the 'finished' (sic) job is going to look like...
  15. The lights don't worry me much. On the way up they give me the chance to get my mind straight for the scarper up the mountain and on the way back they give me the chance to catch my breath and start acting responsibly!!

  16. shit mate, youd be home by now??? lol
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  18. lols me old 250 vids strike again, was from years ago that one
  19. nsw roads are gold compared to qld roads.
  20. True, and Victoran roads are better again. The best ones are in the ACT. I wonder how come it is that, the bigger the state is, the worse its roads are? Surely federal roads funding is in proportion to the state's size and the length and types of roads it has??? Can someone clarify?