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Anybody seen these guys finished work

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pesqueezo, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. I am thinking spraying my rde and black 2 tone 08 , fully black...has anyone seen the quality of work from these guys?? or Know any1 ese in sydney who's work is good, but cheapish??

    ... ziongardens . com . au

  2. cheap is never good.

    Well Priced, and quality is what I would be looking for... What kind of bike?
  3. I hope their painting is better than their photography.

    I wouldn't say cheap, though. I was quoted $400 for my tank and $200 for the under-seat panels and front guard by a painter here in Wollongong, so that sounds about right to me.
  4. Yeah I am trying to find somewhere that does good work but is not in the thousands of dollars range, but at the same time i won't be paying for it if their work is not recomended by a few people.

    My bike is a 08 Hyosung Gt650R
  5. Vlack and silver looks much better two toned, May I ask, why you paid extra for two toned(If new) If you do not want to keep it? Any car shop should be able to paint it as well, find a good panel repairer, and see how much they would do it for cash etc. Also you could dissassemble the pieces you want painted and just take those in.
  6. If you want to reduce the costs without reducing the quality do as much of the prep-work as possible yourself (ie strip the old paint off yourself and just take the raw parts to be sprayed).
    For a simple single colour best off having a chat to the local auto spraypainters/panel beaters to find out if they have a car being done in a suitable colour anytime soon and if you can slip your bits into the booth at the same time. If the car's an insurance job, and you're paying cash, you may be able to get a good deal ;).
  7. Jd thats a good idea about checking with the panel shops.. I might just look into that.. I originally wanted black but when I was at the dealer they did not have any and I was going to have to wait 5 weeks, so they offered me the two tone for half price, i talked them into throwing it in for free. so i took the red and black which i do like, but black looks better
  8. for $600 id say he would be painting them in the garden....or hanging on the clothesline
  9. I LIKE jd's idea; tomorrow I shall be paying a courtesy call to several of the local panel-beaters :wink:.