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ANybody ridden Wombeyan Caves Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jjredwood, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Has anybody ridden along Wombeyan Caves Rd, New South Wales ?

    I was planing a trip from sydney up through the blue moutains and then down through sodwalls, oberon and then on to mitagong via Wombeyan Caves Rd.

    So has anybody ridden along Wombeyan Caves Rd and what is the quality like ?

  2. Its a dirt road for most of it. Fun in the car, I suspect not to bad if you have a bike with the right tires.

    Wouldn't want to ride it on a road bike though :)

    edit: disclaimer - I drove it about 5 years ago, it may have been sealed by now.
  3. yeah it looks like a dirt road from google maps
  4. Were it not for the cars it'd be huge fun on a dirtie.
  5. Haven't ridden it, but have driven it. It is narrow, steep in places and has lots of blind corners. You'd want to take it VERY easy.

  6. Have ridden it a bit, just not in the last few months but be aware that the rides have been a V-Strom with knobbies and a DR650..

    The road is sealed at the Mittagong for the first 25 or so kays but then goes to dirt all the way to the Goulburn-Oberon road end (with the exception of some small seal at the caves themselves). But given you are coming from the Oberon side will throw my comments in from that end.

    Are you on a road bike, with road tyres?

    If so, then think long and hard about it. The road is definitely doable on a road bike but you will be working extremely hard both physically and mentally and I suspect you will scare yourself sh*tless at times.

    From the Oberon Road side WCRd starts wide and flowing but the surface when I last rode it was a loose pebbly surface (think grittier than sand but not pebbles) but on the car tracks grip was sensational and we were comfortably cruising at the $1.

    After a while the road drops into the Caves but I have never done this bit as I bypass through Langs Road which skirts the ridgetops and re-joins WCRd on teh easter side of the caves. Again, Langs is doable on a road bike but I would not advise it again due to teh sheer concentration but moreso the isolation of Langs should something go wrong.

    East of the Caves WCRd is narrow and skirts the cliffs. There are sections on blind hairpins with no guardrail or fence where directly at the edge is a drop of a hundred or more feet. And when I say blind and narrow, there are places where two cars would be a very tight fit so the cars themselves drive the centre of the road. Couple the narrow road, no room for error and whatnot with a surface that is often littered with fallen roacks that vary in size up to a football and you really need to have wits about you on the is section. But, the surface is a sandy type dirt and quite grippy and eventually will arrive at the Wollondilly river where you will need a rest.

    On the eastern side of the river is more narrow road, little room for error with quite decent drops off the edge, only this time they are the opposite side and not your immediate left in riding direction. This side is (IMO) bumpier than the west side fo the river and a different surface being more clay based. Being clay based, if wet then it is slippery and 'claggy' so if on road tyres - forget it.

    AFter a while the surface will change again back to a sandier type of dirt but this can be loose but fun if you like sliding the rear. This surface generally starts around the nudist resort and continues for a few kays.

    The road now is wider and more flowing as the drop to the river and out is tight, real tight so this makes a pleasant change. Again, after a while the road narrows and the surface changes frequently but you will recognise it.

    Basically from your direction you will rise slightly and the road looks to go straight, it doesn't and instead goes right, the surface becomes a red marble type of soil and you are in the trees. From here to the sealed stuff is, well interesting.

    The surface will now vary regularly and you will soon go past a lookout - stop and enjoy, you will need the rest (plus the views are sensational).

    From here again the road narrows still with decent drops off the edge but you soon come to teh very reason a lot of people look at WCRd - the tinnell which has been dug through solid rock. From the tunnel is is a short ride again along tight twisty dirt to teh sealed stuff which is bordeom plus.

    Apologies if this post looks or reads like I am overdramatising it but WC road is a test for any vehile designed to do it and Road Bikes are not those vehicles. Yes it can be done and you would enjoy it, but you need to know that there are dangers and no services along the entire length (small kiosk at the caves).

    Were it me, I would not do it on a orad bike with road tyres but if you do, make sure that you take a puncture repair kit with you as a just in case because although the road is 'busy', it is busy by country standards which could mean 30 or so minutes.


    trying to find some of my pics from the road - if found will post links to show what I speak of

  7. It is.

  8. As a matter of fact I have...

    Have a looksie here.
  9. Thanks for the posts.

    I've got a road bike, ah well . . . I'll have to plan another way round. From google maps it looked nice and twisty.

    Is there another way through to mittagong or do i have to go via Goulburn ?
  10. Sealed roads mean come down off the mountain and back of Wallacia etc, or via Goulburn.

    There is an alternate dirt road which is nowhere near as tough (as in dangerous) as WC Road and in reality only has around 10 kays of 'roughish' dirt complete with hairpins. I would say that this road could be done on a road bike but again with care and at a guess is less dirt (have ridden this many times as well).

    The road in question heads out of Taralga as tar, becomes good quality dirt, then you take a turn where it narrows and the quality drops to a few cross ruts on a clay type surface. You scoot across a property avoiding the cows, open a gate (where it can be slippery) before you drop down a series of hairpins which can be rough to a creek. Go across the concrete causeway and climb the other side, out through another gate and into the magic of the countryside.

    Follow the signs and you end up in Marulan, although I can take you another way with more dirt and come out at hoddles crossing.

    Honestly, I would say that this road is more safely doable but again would require immense concentration and will take some time, but it does not have the drops off teh edges or the traffic taking your side.

    If interested, post up and I will try to google map it for you.