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Anybody ridden a Yamaha R15?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Samboss260, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Haven't posted too much on this forum, so be gentle!!

    Getting my RE license in the next month or so, and am looking at purchasing my first bike.

    Basically the bike will be a bit of a toy, maybe take it too work once a week or fortnight - 7kms city riding, and then maybe the Odd Sunday morning ride.

    I'm 5"7 and around 85 kg, so short ass legs and arms.

    I'm looking at a sports touring bike, so things like GPX250s and ZZR250s with a budget of under $4k.

    So..... I've found a Yamaha R15 2011 demo model. Sat on it, at it fits really well. Handle bars feel good, both feet firmly planted and the bike feels nicecand light.

    Under $4k, with warranty, it seems like a good bike to learn and hone my skills on, then change after 12 months.

    Any experiences ?

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  2. all things considered it's a good bike with yamaha reliability, although at 85kgs you'll grow out of a 150cc within a couple of weeks.. as far as commuting it's an excellent learner bike though
  3. 85kg...no way. get a 250 at least.
  4. yeh 85kg is pretty heavy, even for a 250cc you will quickly want more to keep up.
  5. gpx 250 is lighter and easier to throw around...zzr are a bigger build of bike...same engine though ....i had the gpx first...and now a zzr....the zzr tends to feel ...how to put it...sturdy...but the gpx i had seemed to go harder and was more responsive imho ....as much as i miss the responsiveness of the gpx (honestly it could just be my zzr needs a tune up) but i value the sturdyness of the zzr over the gpx...divets/groove's/potholes don't bother me as much on the zzr...which for a learner ...makes life easier
  6. I'm 80kg, 5'10" and felt like I was going to break the R15, just way too small for me. ninja 250R fit much better, a bit too small for long distance but it's great for comuting/short-moderate rides. 150cc will be a struggle for rides involving hills too :)
  7. or a 2 stroke 150cc ;)
  8. Yo, I ride one. It's good for shorties like me, has plenty of go, happily makes its way up hills (I'm talking St Lucia/Indooroopilly; hill central) but I'm also <60kg and apparently I make the bike look massive. Take one for a test ride.

    Also be careful buying demo models, with the way everyone jumps on and rides who knows how it was looked after and (engine) run in? Out of interest how many kms on these and was the 4k tag rideaway? Any other goodies involved in the price? (wanting to make a mental comparison to the deal I got, and am semi-contemplating selling/trading up)
  9. I think it might have been $3,500 plus On roads which was basically $200. That was it and it had 1,500 kms.

    Good to see a fellow Indooroopilly person around on a bike. Been riding long?
  10. Cheers for the info!

    I'm actually in Oxley but am at work in St Lucia allll the time. Such a nice area. Been riding for just a few months but only a monthish ago got the courage to deal with traffic so my bike has a whopping 500km on the clock. Took an RS125 for a test ride today and safe to say I caught the 2 stroke bug. Really in two minds now about what to do!