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Anybody ordered an Aerostich suit?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Its the Pleats, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at a Aerostich Roadcrafter one piece suit on their webiste and it looks great - so many good reviews.

    My question is had anybody in Sydney (or anywhere else in Australia I guess) ordered one through the website?

    How did you go with sizing?

    Were there any dramas with shipping?

    How do you find the suit? As awesome as it sounds? :)

    This wet Sydney morning has got me fired up to buy a decent waterproof suit to wear over work clothes...
  2. Gonna add that to my wishlist. Thanks!
  3. Agreed - unfortunately a lot of these don't fit me height, or girth wise so it would be a bit much without being able to try first. Would be perfect otherwise
  4. Pleats - I'm currently planning on getting a Roadcrafter jacket. So far discussion has been via email and they've been very responsive.

    The Roadcrafter gets a good rep from all the reading I've done.


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  5. Been looking at the roadcrafter for a couple of years. Never managed to justify to myself the 1k required.
    So proved that i am a tightarse, and have a pair of plastic overpants at work and at home, and plastic overjacket at work. Waterproof jacket at home which i will wear if it is raining when i leave for work.
    Reckon i worked out the sizing issue though, as they can add gussets of about 2" to each side if required. Choose the suit size that fits your chest size, and order with the gussets, and then the suit fits when chest and waist are the same size.
    Costs $60 more, but would be a shitter if it didnt fit!

    The stich rc will have to wait another season for me!
  6. I looked at the Aerostich this time last year when I brought my one piece, and decided after reading many reviews, that they weren't as good as the Olympia Phantom one piece, so ordered that from o/seas. They are big and expensive, so the freight from o/seas is equally big and expensive.

    Coincidentally, mine is for sale ;) https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=130534
  7. Look thru various forums and check out the OLYMPIA phantom suit in hi viz I have one and love it ,I believe someone in SYDNEY and BALLARAT IN VICTORIA has one going by the OLYMPIA and REVZILLA web-sites. The phantom suit is a lot cheaper than the Aerostich and has more features. I normally buy XL in gear and the XL in the suit was just right. When I brought mine they were $400 USD they are now $430 USD but still very good value against the aerostich. With a $60 USD pair of olympia hi-viz gloves my total bill was I think about $580 AUSD when the dollar was about what it is now! I also believe REVZILLA is the place to order from,as they seem to have many happy customers from down under.