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Anybody know about the bmw r1200c?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by goddie, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone here knows about the bmw r1200c cruiser? I just bought one and reckon she is running 'rough' at idle, seems like a miss or something, mind you just been delivered from sydney and the bike shop said they'd serviced it before it left them. Compared to the gsx750f I normally ride, this cruiser seems a tad 'off color' any help would be appreciated, cheers. Godwin

    Well the baby DOES have character, rode with the learner guys last sunday, comfee ride, heated grips worked a treat round bendigo, has abs only 30thou on the clock and I'm outta work and bank wants money so my new baby is up for sale :(
    if you know of anyone, please contact me, I have listed her in the 'bikes for sale' with pics. cheers
  2. It's a big boxer twin, they do run a bit rough at idle compared to an inline 4 snoozebox, when you say it runs rough at idle elaborate as the engine on those is no different to the run of the mill boxer engines.
  3. It shouldn't run much different to any other BMW 1200cc two valve twin, having said that BMW twins aren't close to be as smooth at idle (or running) as the average Japanese twin.

    That's part of the reason people buy air cooled twins, part of the 'character'.

    It's hard to say if it's just that or if you've got a real problem, you need someone who's close and familiar with what BMW's feel like to listen to it.
  4. It might need the throttle bodies balancing.

    OTOH, when I got my R1100, I was astounded at how agricultural it felt, even compared to my then 19 yo K100. If you're stepping onto a boxer from a Jap I4, it'll be a big contrast. I'd recommend seeing how it feels after riding it for a couple of weeks. BMWs need a lengthy acclimatisation period.

    Oh yes, coming from a Suzuki, I confidently predict that you will also find the gearbox to be disappointing until you've developed the proper "deliberate" shifting technique.

    Stick with it. BMW ownership is actually very rewarding.
  5. So you have purchased the bike from "Tomorrow Never Dies". Did Michelle Yeoh come with it? Had many arguments with mates over the Beemers. Some people call them sewing machines - you either love them or you hate them. But you should never judge a bike after one ride, because the boxers can take a while to get use to, then you will love it. They have gobs of torque down low and provide good engine braking through the twisty stuff. As for the rough idle, from my experience it is just the character of the engine. I've been on boxers that pull to one side when you give them a rev when you are stationary.
  6. I've put a few Ks on both the 850 and the 1200C. They aren't "smooth" like a UJM style 4 cylinder but they shouldn't be rough either. They are certainly among the better handling cruisers around.

    A friend of mine rode his down from Brisbane for the Icicle ride, did the ride and then did the ride back in one go. No dramas and very comfortable. He's put many thousands of kilometres on it very comfortably and apart from the fact that the looks tend to divide opinions it's been terrific.

    K & R motorcycles at Cheltenham are good for doing BMW work. I would suggest you join the BMWMCCVIC where you'll have access to a huge amount of knowledge and advice (and some of it is even good :) )
  7. Best place for bmw work is Ringwood BM
    Those guys are exellent mechanics and will not screw you on price.
    They own and run the business so know what they are doing.
    You will not be sorry taking your bike there.
  8. thanks guys, have heard of the place in Ringwood, and someone I thought there was a place in Oakleigh too, must be the cheltenham people and yes have heard enough about SthBank requiring AMEX Platinum. Appreciate the feed back, and confirm 'it is new experience' from the jap 4's, the side 'torque twist' I have felt when standing still and revving it a little, and it DOES sound like a sewing machine, in need of a little note I must admit, is it hard to do or will be better 'left alone' and be done with it? Loudest horn I've heard [standard] on a bike so far too!!
    cheers folks have a nice weekend. :)
  9. You can get a decent pipe from Staintune, they have a very nice rumble if you go by the sound of my bimmer.
  10. If I find work immediately I'll keep that in mind, if not, do you know anyone that wants to buy a bimmer ? Might have to put it on the market, originally I put my gsx750f up for sale to get some money back on what I spent on the beemer, but friday came and temp work 'stopped' as they got a permanent person in, paying $40k, cant live on those wages but they didnt give me even a weeks notice. poo poo happens. SEEK ing at the moment.

  11. Both K&R and Ringwood BM are good. There was a place in Oakleigh (Moto1?) but it closed down. So now it's either them or Southbank BMW (Hope you have a thick wallet) unless you are prepared to run to Albury for a service.

    Ringwood look more organised and may be better. But Phil at K&R works on mine and it seems to keep going.
  12. Thanks Dave,
    went for a little ride down to Flinders yersterday on the new toy, nice comfy ride, thought the little screen wouldnt offer any protection but seems to work well. Was quite blowy coming back, warm hands made it easier to deal with.
    Will tell Phil @ K&R you recommended them when I feel it needs attention. The rough idle thing I believe is a non issue, amazing after a little 300km ride one gets settled, jumped on the suzy for a little spin locally, feet all over the place, indicators not working properly lol
    good way to maintain sanity, or maybe not lol