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Anybody in Melb got camping gear I can borrow?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. ...like, tonight?

    We're heading up to Confest with Ken and Carri for a weekend of nuddy muddy hippie action, and I can't find my bollocking brand new tent for quids. It's bloody disappeared. So.... Anyone have one they're not using? Roll-up beddy things would be bloody handy too. Nothing too flash that you'd be worried about, not that I think there's much risk of anything bad happening to it.

    Leaving tomorrow mornin, so I'd have to snarf it off you sometime tonight. I promise we won't root in it (much).


  2. I only have ultra light one man stuff. If you get stuck Rays outdoors has two man tents from $30 etc.
  3. Hey Loz, I have a 2 man tent you can borrow if you want to come and collect it. I dont have any roll up beddie things though.
  4. We have HEAPS. Used to go camping to music festivals every 2-3 weeks 4 months of the year and camp for 'small holidays' so we have it all if you need anything. 5 or so of those cool camping chairs (chairs without in built stubby holders = win), shower screen that 'pops out', potty, 8 man tent, various sun shelters, car esky, 5 other eskies, citronella candles (LOTS), portable little gas stove thing, those awesome little things, air mattresses, fans, mmmm and probably lots of other items (oh yeah, the roll out bed mattresses). You're welcome to borrow anything! Don't go often anymore since my dodgy shoulder, makes camping not as desirable :?

    It's all easy accessible in one of our back sheds. Also have lamps, torches and stuff, we have HEAPS as I said, and I do mean it :grin:
  5. Nice one guys - Waz, I bet you're closer to town than Faye's place (thanks Faye!), can you PM me your number?
  6. Big thanks to Mr. Undii and Emma for lending us the Tent Mahal (pictured below, we've just set it up for practice)


    Thanks a million guys!
  7. :applause: :rofl: good 1
  8. Are you sure you can fit in that tent loz?
  9. :LOL: