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Anybody heard of this bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Banga, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    Doing some internet browsing I came across this bike its called the
    Zongshen ZS250GS, brand new you can pick one up for $4990 including ORC.
    Wondering if anyone else has heard of it its only relatively new to Australia though.
    Check this out and see what you think of it. It's learner legal too.

    Australian websitewww.zongsheninternational.com.au
    International website www.zongsheninternational.com

  2. 'Tis all on the website....
  3. What do u mean? Has someone already brought this topic to disscussion b for
  4. Saw a doco on Foxtel about the company.

    They produce one motorcycle every 48 minutes 24 hours a day.

    They are a huge seller in Asia.
  5. Hyosung is looking good... :LOL:
  6. How bad can it be?................. :LOL:
  7. Not great apparently, it only comes with 2yr 10K warranty,
    they obviously don't trust their own build. Even hyosung has 2yr unlimited k's.
    They do make the hyosung look good. They should make less bikes at better quality i guess.
  8. With all the congestion over there, it would take anyone 2 years to get 10,000km traveled :p
  9. At least it looks nice.

    Anyone seen the new Pagsta 250cc bike that looks very similar to this and uses the trusty cb250 engine copy?
  10. No doubt!
    I'm talking bout here though,
    For that very reason they advertise unlimited k's over there from some bikes and cars because they know 1 out of 10000 people will actually ride that much, unless there in the country side, even then not many.
    That way they look good and they pay mere lipservice in a way :wink:
  11. Wow. USD forks on a $4K 250cc bike?
  12. Yeah ive seen a few at dealerships out in woop woop.
    Id go the hyosung myself. It really reminded me of the suzuki GS and not cause it has GS in its name.
  13. Where? both pics in this thread have normal forks
  14. But not even the hyosungs are that cheap! Anyone know how the Zongshen rides? I think it looks great, like a GPX but better
  15. lol, i think you need new glasses FL they are both running USD forks.

    as to the top bike, the only time i have heard of the company is back in the uk, a few mates had monkey bikes made by them (proper monkey bikes that is not pocket bikes) never seen a full size one till now
  16. your crazy nightgash....nothing looks better than a gpx...except a really old streetfightered gpx...DER!

    Just playing
  17. The second one by Pagsta also looks a lot like the Sachs 150cc machine.

    Didn't Zongshen have a 250cc GP bike for the China GP this year?
  18. they did in 05 as wildcard entrants don't know bout the 07 tho.