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Anybody had a thrash on a GSR600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Doggy, May 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I'm seriously looking a buying one of these, I've got the finance sorted etc and everything but haven't actually had a ride of one yet as I have heard that there are not too many floating around. Has anybody actually ridden one yet?

  2. dude, i'm thinking of this one also when I upgrade.

    My upgrade choices are;
    Kawasaki ER-6N
    Cagiva Raptor 650

    Your right, there aren't too many around, they look damn good though.

    Each Suzuki dealer i'm been to have been reluctant to allow a test ride since they usually only have one in stock.
  3. I havn't ridden one but personally I think they are as ugly as sin.....
    Looks too much like the old Yamaha Zeal IMHO.....
    Looked at the Hornet 900 or Kwaka Z750? :idea:
  4. Yeah looked at the CB900 and it's just too plain jane for me, plus it's 4-5 grand more. I like the look of the GSR and the Z750 so I'll have to look at the Z before final decision time.
  5. The Z is sweet. I took one for a ride a few weeks back and is a class above the ER6 and the Yamaha 600 fazer (also took them for a spin) IMHO for only a little more cash the Z is a much better deal. And it looks awesome.
  6. the latest Two Wheels magazine has a comparo between the GSR600 and FZ6N.

    Its a good read. The article on the Brutale 910 on the following pages was better though. Its one mean naked !!
  7. Doesnt look to bad, although the cockpit area looks kind of cramped.
    Wont matter you unless your a bigger guy.
    The FZ6N looks as though it is longer, but a very similiar looking bike.
  8. Try and test ride them all. You should follow your own opionions. All modern bikes tend to be made pretty well and especially those that aren't tunned for the last HP.
  9. I have a GSR600 and think it's very nifty.

    Pulls nicely, easy to throw around, comfy seat, fits a taller rider.

    With how it looks and its relative lack of numbers on the road, it gets looks and enquiries from people and bikers who say they've never seen anything like it.

    I like it, but would have preferred a black instead of blue that the europeans get to choose. No complaints otherwise!
  10. let me know when you go for a ride. post your thoughts here.
    i am thinking of this or the er6f or n for the my lady very soon, am going to check them out in a few weeks. they both appear good value bikes with a bit of go. seem like a good step up from the 250's
  11. What did you ride before the GSR?
  12. I upgraded from an Across.