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Anybody free satdy arvo to help with spanners?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Guys

    I thought I'd best give the Minja a bit of a service before I take it to Phillip Island on Tuesday, and I've realised there's quite a bit to do...

    Brake fluid change
    Fork oil change - wonder what the oil will look like, doubt it's ever been changed!?!
    Clean front brake calipers
    Oil and filter change
    Chain and sprockets
    Remove transmission cover, replace motherf*cking countershaft seal

    ...There's also tyres, but I'll leave that for Monday I reckon.

    So, if anyone's free this saturday arvo to give me a hand on the spanners in Yarraville, I'd appreciate it big time. I reckon I've got most of the tools I need... Drop me a PM or gimme a ring if you've got my number.

    There'll be beer. And pizza, most likely.
  2. Loz im getting ready for tuesday too! I can help you out in the morning (i start work at 2pm) if you want, PM'ed
  3. Hey Loz,
    I'll be happy to drink your beer and eat your pizza... oh and stand around to see if I can help with anything... I have a party to get to which starts at 7pm and my suspension is too pooh to do any serious riding. PM sent.
  4. Sorry bloke, I'll be somewhere on the road between here & Bright. Good luck with it all :)
  5. gettin my bike saturday.... then going road tripping (driving the mrs cage :( )
    otherwise i'd annoy ya while stealing spanners.
  6. Would love to help, but I'll be in gippy with my folks, helping out on a "special wog day" (think "looking for Alibrandi").

    Hope it goes smoothly mate.
  7. Loz, I will be able to help on monday.
  8. Dude if ya had of asked during the week, could have given you a Thursday night. And I have just checked this section :? Weekends outa the question unfortunately.
  9. Thanks anyway lads, Nee and I got stuck in this arvo and got through the bulk of it.

    Oil and filter - done
    Chain and sprockets - done
    Transmission cover seal - done (thanks to Sobil for his help there!)

    Fork oil - we were thwarted by the weirdo tools you need to take the front wheel off a kwaka. Inverted hex sockets in 15mm and 24mm sizes. Nowhere was open that could sell them to us. Sounds like a monday job.

    Brake calipers - this was interesting. I think I need to tear the brakes down fully and give them a proper service, the pistons aren't operating evenly and some of them are pretty hard to budge. We cleaned them out as best we could, and in the process filled the hoses with air bubbles I'll have to bleed out tomorrow. Didn't get a chance to see if what we did improved things much, the air bubbles left it very spongy, but the recalcitrant pistons are probably the culprits behind my uneven brake pad wear and diminishing stopping power.

    Anyway, we got plenty done and I appreciate your help big time Nee! We didn't get around to the pizza bit, I'll make sure it happens another day!

    Cheers all
  10. Mate

    didnt see this until now
    Phil said he would have been willing to give you a hand if you needed one

    glad you got it done though

  11. #11 im.on.it, Nov 18, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    No worries mate... just hope I didn't slow you down too much.
    I learnt a fair bit about chains and brakes though.

    you need one of these...
    at about 2:25 mark, now you know what it's called, but still need to find a place that sells them.

    they also have a good vid on front forks so I might give it a go.
  12. Why not... Worst comes to worst, you throw the forks at somebody who knows what they're doing, and save yourself on labour!
  13. you could have used a bolt to undo the hex's..24mm bolts have quite a deep head on them so you use half in the hex and half in the socket...etheir that or weld it to a piece of box section tube